Donella Dornwell

Biography of Donella Dornwell

I am a native Texas for several generations. I feel that Texas runs through me like the sweat pours off me in the humid heat. (Unlike many who live in this state I love the heat.) I have been writing poetry since I was thirteen. I wrote a poem one day and it felt felt like I was supposed to be doing it. I guess it is a way of expressing myself that keeps on giving. I'm working on my BA in Creative Writing and English and I'm almost half way there. I live in a small rural town. I have a clerical job. When I think of writing I think it is the only way I can explain where I've been and who I am. I feel so blessed that I can share this with others.

Donella Dornwell's Works:

None yet. I have been published in the 2011 Diversity Anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival. Updates

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