Donna Hicks

Rookie (May 2,1961 / Hutchinson, Kansas)

Biography of Donna Hicks

I'm just an average person with ideas racing through my head that must be put to ink. I write about human relationships, the ups, the downs, the inbetweens. I write story poems about fictioned people and events.
I write whatever pops into this old head of mine! I have been doing this for neigh on 35 years now. I like to think I've improved over the years, but only the reader can determine the quality of what they have just read.

Donna Hicks's Works:

I have no published books.....YET! Updates

A Star In The Heavens

I lay awake in the darkness
and listen to you breathe.
Cloaked in the softness of your arms
reaching out
as beside me you sleep.

Where have you been since time began?
Where you here all along,
hiding in the shadows