Donna Nimmo

Biography of Donna Nimmo

My life has been a puzzle of so many pieces. When you read something I wrote, you've found a very small piece of the puzzle I call my past. Every now and then I write something silly. I write from my heart and my feelings.I am an old fashioned grandmother. I wear my heart on my sleeve and feel very deeply for my loved ones. I'm an animal lover and will fight for justice for them. I love my country and feel very afraid for my country at this time. There is really no justice in these times. May God bless you all! Updates

Does It Matter

Does it matter if the sun doesn't shine
Does it matter if i'm drunk from wine
Most people I see, don't know who I am
Their ways, their life, they try to cram
How I feel doesn't matter to most
I'm very cordial, I'll be their host
What I think doesn't matter anymore
I've swam in life, got washed to shore
My life has been, many hurricanes