Donna Nimmo

Donna Nimmo Poems

121. Toilet Paper 12/11/2005
122. Bad Memories 11/23/2005
123. Birdy In The Sky 12/2/2005
124. My Puppies Love 11/28/2005
125. Because You Love Me 11/30/2005
126. A Time At The Beach 11/26/2005
127. Unwanted Child 1/14/2006
128. Caring Man 11/24/2005
129. Nightmares 11/28/2005
130. Trying To Find A Job 11/29/2005
131. Alone 11/23/2005
132. Bartending Days 12/1/2005
133. Donna's Story 11/30/2005
134. To My Abuser 11/28/2005
135. The Controlling Man 11/28/2005
136. A Turtle Named George 12/1/2005
137. The Police Officer's Wife 11/25/2005
138. A Painful Love 11/22/2005
139. Growing Up 11/26/2005
140. Child Abuse 11/29/2005
141. The Abused Wife 11/21/2005
Best Poem of Donna Nimmo

The Abused Wife

She drive's into her neighborhood
Her heart starts racing
She knows he's been pacing
She can't explain what took so long
She knows she won't be understood
He won't listen to what she has to say
He will be so angry that she didn't stay
She only went to the corner store
He will blame her for so much more
He will accuse her of meeting a man
She hurried so fast, she almost ran
He will scream and slap her across the room
Break things, even beat her with a broom
If she's lucky only bruises this time
Or sent to the hospital because of this slime
He will ...

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My Love

Love me forever, always be mine
Your etched in my heart and cause me to shine
I'll always be good and kind to you
I'll never break your heart or leave you blue

My love grows stronger each and everyday
Want to stay with you forever is what i pray
You are the bright light in this dark world
My love for you so deep I feel swirled

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