Donna Secrest

Rookie - 100 Points (Olathe, Kansas)

Biography of Donna Secrest

Clickity clack the all too familiar sound of the tires hitting the pavement as I watch the yellow stripes go by, I silently wonder where we are headed once again as I sit beside my older brother in the back seat. I was 10 when I realized my life was a lot different than other kids. We moved a lot. As far I can recall I attended 19 schools by the time I was 15 and had been in 35 states. We were always the new kids at school sometimes only being there long enough to establish friendships then it was time to move. So out of necessity words and numbers soon became my friend, although I did not write my first poem until 1997 after my first psychotic episode, being diagnosed severe Bipolar 1 and being reborn. I write my poems for a few reasons personal therapy, to help others who might be going through something similar, mental health awareness and to share the word of God. Updates


A devastated heart

Heavy from the start

Evaporated dreams

Not meant for me it seems

Hope only a memory

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