Donna Young

Rookie (14/10/1975 / Cootamundra Australia)

Biography of Donna Young

Donna Young poet

Donna Young - Author / Poet / Illustrator

Donna was born in the Australian country town of Cootamundra in 1975. She grew up in the New South Wales towns of Grafton, Sydney and Newcastle, and currently resides in Sydney with her family.

She survived final-stage cancer in her teenage years and has since run several companies while bringing up her family.

Donna values nothing more than family bonds and strong friendships and has dedicated her life to her children. Her first published book Frazer Glazia, Donna wrote for her children in 2012.

Watch out for her incredible story of guts, determination and strength – What was That? Due out In 2014

Donna Young's Works:

Frazer Glazia
What was THAT? Updates

Shit Goes With The Flow

Normal is the reality you see, not the normal everyone wants you to be.
You work on your normal while you age, to be the best normal at the end of the day.
To go with the flow and to lose who you are, is the normal that’s boring and where I say Ta Ta

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