Donward Bughaw

Freshman - 544 Points [Donward Bughaw] (June 4,1999 / Santa Catalina, Zamboanga City)

Donward Bughaw Poems

1. Sailing Heart 5/18/2016
2. Mysterious Lover 5/29/2016
3. Warn Of The Sea Urchin 5/29/2016
4. The Telescope Shell 5/29/2016
5. Coldness 5/29/2016
6. Words 5/29/2016
7. Crossroad 5/29/2016
8. Secret 5/29/2016
9. A Peek Through Morrow 5/29/2016
10. Only God Knows The Future 5/29/2016
11. Dream Boy 5/29/2016
12. Distance 5/29/2016
13. A Painting On Cotton Candies 5/30/2016
14. Queries Of Love 9/23/2015
15. An Aubade For Divine 9/27/2015
16. To My Beloved Ailyn Balus 10/2/2015
17. Catastrophe 10/2/2015
18. Matchless Heart 1/18/2016
19. Huling Hikbi Para Sa Taong Mahal Ko 1/22/2016
20. Labyrinthine Love 5/18/2016
21. Leading Star 9/23/2015
Best Poem of Donward Bughaw

Leading Star

How I wish to be your Lodestar,
That I will be your leading spark;
Up there in skies, right there afar,
I will go ahead as you embark.

I'll be your light, your guide in dark,
I'll be your man, your nightfall ward;
There in the night skies I'm your mark,
Pursue your sail coz I'll be your guard.

Then my gleams will be so bright,
And I'll babble words forthright;
'Hocus-pocus of the night,
Make this wish a truth if might.

How I wish to be your Lodestar,
And you my darling the humming lark;
Under the beams of your leading star, ...

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Matchless Heart

Once, I gave heart to one of the fairest creature,
A heart that none could surpass its ever-flaring love.

Once, I gave heart to one of the fairest creature,
Yet I didn't realize what I am expecting.

Once, I found out for an answer that will satisfy me,
But, oh my matchless heart,
Your face is the matter of all.

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