doomsdayangel thomas

Biography of doomsdayangel thomas

i am the living proof that life is a living hell. I always suffer the fiery fang of racism and injustice that lead me to ruin, I tasted all the bitter flavors of life, I breathe in a stinky air of misjudgement that slowly killing me. I stand alone in the shadow of destruction wrapped in the arms of the insinceres..i grew up in the influence of the fake and the fraud, the false ones, who fed and taught me the wrong concepts of life such as 'FAITH, HOPE and LOVE' Updates

Poetic Bleeding

my pen blots blood though my ink is
haunted by the ghost of my past
whenever i think of you.

shadows and mem'ries waving for
perpetual anguish! !
and made me write for this sentimental

i don't need you in my dreams so leave
me alone
a gleam of your face does'nt help me
heal these wounds! !

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