Dora Sigerson Shorter

(1866-1918 / Ireland)

Biography of Dora Sigerson Shorter

Dora Sigerson (1866–1918) was an Irish poet, who after her marriage in 1895 wrote under the name Dora Sigerson Shorter. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, the daughter of George Sigerson, a surgeon and writer, and Hester (née Varian) also a writer. She was a major figure of the Irish Literary revival, publishing many collections of poetry from 1893. Her friends included Katharine Tynan, a noted Irish-born poet and author.

Her husband was Clement King Shorter, an English journalist and literary critic. They lived together in London, until her death.

Dora Sigerson Shorter's Works:

The fairy changeling and other poems.
My lady's slipper and other poems.
Ballads and poems.
The father confessor.
The woman who went to hell.
As the sparks fly upward.
The country house party.
The story and song of Earl Roderick.
The troubadour and other poems.
Through wintry terrors. [A novel.]
New poems.
Do-well and do-little. [A fairy story.]
The collected poems of Dora Sigerson Shorter, with an introduction by George Meredith.
Madge Linsey and other poems.
A dull day in London. [Prose essays.]
A legend of Glendalough and other ballads.
Sixteen dead men and other poems of Easter week.
The sad years.

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A Child’s Song

The starlings they have come to town,
With polka dots on their robes of brown;
They sit a crowd on the old plane tree,
And sing this quaint old melody
Creak, creak, pipe, pipe, squeak, squeak, sweet!
They come with winter snow and sleet—
Creak, creak, pipe, pipe, squeak, squeak, sweet!
Oh, starling, starling, tell me true
Of pleasant lands that have sheltered you

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