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Rookie (november 25 1984 / prince george bc)

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81. Untitled 908 10/4/2011
82. Untitled 445 10/14/2012
83. I Wish....Part 2 10/14/2012
84. Untitled 3421 10/14/2012
85. From Now Until The End 10/14/2012
86. More Then 10/14/2012
87. Loving Smile 10/14/2012
88. Sunrise Gone 11/25/2012
89. Love..45460 12/3/2012
90. The Beauty Of Katherine 12/29/2012
91. Minds Eternal 563 3/28/2013
92. A Dark Thought Of The Mind 89xx2 3/28/2013
93. 79 Omega Bright 3/28/2013
94. Light Of Thy Mind 54xx 3/28/2013
95. 65667 3/28/2013
96. Starblue 49x 5/1/2013
97. My Love For You. 7/16/2010
98. Ray Of Hope And Hope For Angel. 5/18/2010
99. Star Seed Or Eternal Sunhine Of Your Mind. 9/28/2009
100. Zero Promises 9/28/2009
101. Love Of A Beautiful Soul 9/28/2009
102. Your Freindship To Me 2/26/2010
103. Beautiful Smile Of Forever 2/12/2010
104. Sexy Sweet Woman 3/14/2010
105. Alone In My Thoughts 4/11/2010
106. Anger -Part 2 9/28/2009
107. Courageous 2/12/2010
108. Forever Yours 3/14/2010
109. Night With You 6/29/2010
110. Diamond Soul 2/12/2010
111. Unknown Journey 2/12/2010

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Unknown Journey

I travel through darkness in search of something what that is no clue have I what lies ahead in yonder fields leads me astray on the broken path of lonliness I follow under bright moon light and stars my only company in the black of night some where along the way lies the answers in which I seek but in which is like a puzzle with an infinite amount of clues but I only need one answer on a quest that has taken long and forever keep going keep marching onward for long as there is a beat in my heart I can do this for time is all but I have gone are times of happiness madness an anger for what ...

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Unknown Dream234

here and there is where i went up and around and back down again into hell and out again it spat me upto the high heavens cold and hot and warm and lost all over again the island of lost dreams lose your self and never be found again go to where souls never leave from from there down to hell again and all; around the cosmos a dark abyss eternal lon

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