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1. A Short History of the Apple 12/27/2017
2. Balance 12/27/2017
3. Democracy 12/27/2017
4. Dust 12/27/2017
5. Dust 12/27/2017
6. Enough Music 12/27/2017
7. Family Stories 12/27/2017
8. Fast Gas 12/1/2015
9. Fourth of July 12/27/2017
10. Heart 12/27/2017
11. Homecoming 12/27/2017
12. Lake Havasu 12/27/2017
13. Life is Beautiful 12/27/2017
14. Men 12/27/2017
15. Mother's Day 12/27/2017
16. Nurse 12/27/2017
17. Only As The Day Is Long 1/19/2016
18. Ray at 14 12/27/2017
19. Return 12/27/2017
20. The Student 12/27/2017
21. To Kiss Frank... 12/27/2017
22. Under Stars 12/27/2017
23. Vacation Sex 9/7/2015
24. What's Broken 12/27/2017

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My mother went to work each day
in a starched white dress, shoes
clamped to her feet like pale
mushrooms, two blue hearts pressed
into the sponge rubber soles.
When she came back home, her nylons
streaked with runs, a spatter
of blood across her bodice,
she sat at one end of the dinner table
and let us kids serve the spaghetti, sprinkle
the parmesan, cut the buttered loaf.
We poured black wine into the bell
of her glass as she unfastened
her burgundy hair, shook her head, and began.
And over the years we mastered it, how to listen
to stories of ...

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I'm remembering again, the day
we stood on the porch and you smoked
while the old man told you
about his basement full of wine,
his bad heart and the doctor's warning,
how he held the dusty bottle out to you,
glad, he said, to give it away
to someone who appreciated
its value and spirit, the years

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