Doris Cornago

Gold Star - 8,138 Points [Phoenix]

Doris Cornago Poems

121. At Last We Stand 8/4/2017
122. A Mirror And A Clean Cottonbud 7/27/2017
123. A Thread Of What Lies Ahead 8/8/2017
124. A Short Moment To Live 8/8/2017
125. As You Hide In A Dark Corner 8/8/2017
126. As Fairy Wings Caught In A Trance 8/8/2017
127. A Person Who Sees All 8/9/2017
128. A Child Cold And Gone 8/9/2017
129. All You See Are The Brilliant Eyes 8/9/2017
130. A Matter Of Balance 8/10/2017
131. Ask Yourself If 8/11/2017
132. Archaic-Looking Komodo Dragon 8/12/2017
133. An Inanimate Object Animates 8/13/2017
134. A Moment To Reflect 8/13/2017
135. As Nourishing As Milk 8/13/2017
136. A Poem For E V 8/11/2017
137. As Lines On My Own Palm 8/15/2017
138. An Alien In This Discordant Time 9/14/2017
139. A Sweet Impression 9/21/2017
140. Aglow, Immortals Two 9/28/2017
141. A Kindred Soul 10/1/2017
142. A Darkened, Grieving, Angry Mind -new- 10/15/2017
143. Stone-Cold Heart 4/17/2014
144. Dare To Believe 1/15/2014
145. Bungee Jump 1/9/2014
146. Tácticas Dilatorias 12/3/2013
147. A Geek In Love 12/3/2013
148. Freedom And Responsibility 12/6/2013
149. A Warm Welcome For Another Poet 7/18/2017
150. Ode To A Lifetime Contractor 7/18/2017
151. A Lesson From A Firefly 7/27/2017
152. A Blessing Waiting At The End 7/27/2017
153. No Sleep At All 1/19/2014
154. Midnight Lover 1/20/2014
155. Was I Obtuse Because You're A Recluse 7/14/2017
156. Pallbearer Into The Unknown Future 7/10/2017
157. How Long Is Forever 12/5/2013
158. My Eyes Are Dry 12/6/2013
159. Four Elements 12/5/2013
160. Heaven-Sent 12/5/2013
Best Poem of Doris Cornago

Heart Divided, Mind Shattered

If anybody asks me if I am happy
I would definitely say I am not
Having lost the meaning of happiness
between now and last night, I am sad.

Tomorrow, if anybody asks the same
I would jump in glee and say yes
I am definitely because there's me
The other side that longs to be free.

Yet again, in the future if time's short
And nothing is going right with work
I would be lost for words on what counts
For happiness - my freedom or serfdom.

You make me jump in anticipation
Whenever you have the gumption
But somewhere your ...

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Tácticas Dilatorias

El levantamiento temprano en alborada
La vista de su cara por tanto llevada
Deseo luego nunca nacerme
Si todo que hace para mí es se afligen

Que vida hacen no quiere
Lo que la canción le puede no cantar
Cada mañana tiene una belleza
Cada mañana tiene una generosidad

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