Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

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Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Quotes

  • ''Sorrow, the quicksand of broken hearts!

    Dorothy Alves HOLMES
    A Poet Who Loves To Sing''
    In moments of deep sorrow I have had that feeling of sinking into quicksand where there seemed no escape from the pain...thus this quote from me.
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  • ''Loneliness...A blanket full of holes with no folds for comfort.

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Loves To Sing''
    This thought came to me when that feeling of loneliness over whelmed me and I found no comfort as its blanket wrapped around me.
  • ''Being satisfied is not the same as being happy...
    Satisfaction is merely humming and
    Happiness is a song!
    Oh My, I've forgotten the words!

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Loves to Sing''
    This thought popped into my head...I wrote it down and said, 'And That's the Name of That Tune'...
  • '''Clearly ecstasy is a symphony! '

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Loves To Sing''
    On of my favorite writings I had posted on 'Poetry In Motion' September 10,2007
  • '''Regrets are morning shadows! '
    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Loves to Sing''
    a simple powerful thought that came to me, I made note of and presented in a 7 syllable challenge.
  • '''Addiction...My brain chain smokes your name! '

    Dorothy A. Holmes''
    A matter of truth!
  • '''A soft laugh's notes are a Mozart concert until the very end! '

    Dorothy Alves Holmes''
    Children laughing during story really is the sweetest sound...I read to preschool children at our local library and in day car centers throughout our county. Dorothy
  • '''Be patient, time will awaken heaven's laughter! '

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Loves To Sing''
    From my collection...'Poetry In Motion'
  • '''Stop oh weeping heart, there will be another sunrise! '

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    The final line in a poem I wrote...I loved its infinite truth! Doroth
  • '''The heart cannot be silent! '

    Dorothy Alves Holmes
    A Poet Who Love to Sing''
    My thoughts after losing someone and my heart cried~

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Best Poem of Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

The Forever Of You

The forever of you
Is in between all I do...
In a passing field of flowers
In the morning sky,
You are to me, a soft
Enchanting lullaby.
You are ever in my thoughts;
Oh! the clamor that invades
The empty spaces
When we are apart.

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Mistaken Identity

I thought it was the wind
Roaring like a lion
Dressed in golden helmet
With goggled eyes
Silver streaked body
Glimmering in the spot light
Of morning sun...
Until moving thing
Braked to a halt at the red light
And I saw it was you
And your Honda
Travelling south!

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