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Sylvia Frances Chan 07 October 2021

Excellent North American Poetess, great humor in almost all her poems, her humor must be undsrood, so treu!

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Suck my fat 30 January 2019

Ye little reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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S B 05 May 2014

short and sweet poems are brilliant by her!

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R C 21 February 2013

My heart soars when I hear dottie [3

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Pearlsof Poetry 19 May 2012

It’s cool how you can create so many different poems and sentences with just a few words. Brillant post! But i Loved this poem more - http: //

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Fred Babbin 09 December 2009

Dorothy Parker rings my bell - too loud and too clear.

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p.a. noushad 11 July 2008

beautiful is your creation.

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Rosa Jamali 01 June 2008

Simple, honest, sharp and friendly! It's so hard to create simplicity in poetry.Using colloquial language with a sharp sense of humour. It seems a little cruel, as she judges life.

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me 23 February 2021

noone ceres im trying to do a book report

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Marisa Samuels 22 September 2006

In Dorothy Parker's 'The Dark Girl's Rhyme', there is an error. It's 'folk of mud and flame', not 'folk of mud and name.' Every Dorothy Parker reference on the internet (that I have found) has the same error.

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noone cares 23 February 2021

who tf cares

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Rufina Moor 28 August 2005

I adore Dorothy Parker! She is one of the most amazing writers and women, with her witty sense of humor and her sarcasm. I love her!

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