Dorsey Baker Quotes

18 September 2018

looks are just looks beauty is eternal!

04 November 2018

spring up fall back I know the clock must get tired jumping back and forth, but remember in today's world thats just the life of a clock!

10 January 2019

You have to get old before you become young again!

17 January 2019

If you are too nosey you might miss out! on a lot of good things in your life!

20 January 2019

Death tells us that life is nothing more than an illusion because life is here! then its gone!

29 January 2019

You can have breath in your body but if you have no spirit you have no life!

08 February 2019

The poverty of the rich man is his money!

09 February 2019

Kindness is a blanket that can help you get through the coldest winter!

10 February 2019

We are born to die so why don't we live life to live? !

17 February 2019

Bitterness is a taste very hard to get out of your mouth!

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