Doug Gunderson

Doug Gunderson Poems

1. This Bridge Of History 1/14/2014
2. Tabitha’s Best Friend 1/14/2014
3. Sunday Night Sonnet 1/14/2014
4. Walking With A Two Year Old 1/14/2014
5. Your Granddaughter 1/14/2014
6. Let The Poison Out 1/14/2014
7. Franklin Kids 1/15/2014
8. My Addiction 1/15/2014
9. Alternative Universal Declination 1/15/2014
10. Early Riser 1/15/2014
11. Not Quite Puppy Love 1/15/2014
12. Speed It Up 1/15/2014
13. Respite Assessment 1/15/2014
14. Making You Happy 1/15/2014
15. Jonesing 1/14/2014
16. Highway 14 1/15/2014
17. Goodbye My Love 1/14/2014
18. The Four Greatest Words 1/14/2014
19. Winter Won’t Leave 1/15/2014
20. Conversation With An Iguana 1/15/2014
21. The American Dream 1/14/2014
Best Poem of Doug Gunderson

The American Dream

Fifty is coming fast and hard
Forcing me to become reflective.
But how does one judge their life
Without being too subjective?
Money? Power? Fortune and Fame?
Job titles and a fancy car?
Each of us has a benchmark
To make us proud of who we are.
A big bank account sure would be nice
Or maybe a bit more fame,
But I ambled down a different path
And I played a different game.
My poems have not won awards
And my novel’s still not done;
But success has come to me
And in this game I have won.
My house and car are paid for
I have money in the ...

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This Bridge Of History

Standing on the Old North Bridge
Where those first shots were fired,
Caught up in the history
And what it has inspired.
The statue of the Minute Man
With rifle and with plow
Faces this bridge of history
As if guarding it somehow.
The marker where the British fell,

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