Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen

(5 February 1856 - 12 February 1947 / London / England)

Biography of Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen

Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen poet

Born Feburary 5, 1856, Douglas Sladen was a travel writer, author and editor of Who's Who between 1897-1899. He collected all the correspondence he had with prominent people of his time into 70 scrapbooks. Many of the letters are from well known literary and political figures. The collection is housed in the Old Town Hall, Richmond.

He studied at Trinity College, Oxford, and went to Australia (1879), where he became the first professor of history in the University of Sydney. Subsequently he traveled much and settled in London as a writer.

Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen's Works:

Frithjof and Ingebjorg (1882)
Poetry of Exiles (1883)
In Cornwall and Across the Sea (1885)
Edward the Black Prince (1886), an epic drama
The Spanish Armada (1888)
The Japs at Home (1892)
A Japanese Marriage (1895)
A Sicilian Marriage (1905)
Egypt and the English (1908)
Queer Things About Egypt (1911)
The Unholy Estate (1912)
Twenty Years of my Life (1913)
Queer Things about Japan (1913)
The Real "Truth about Germany" (1914)
His German Wife (1915)
Fair Inez: A Romance of Australia (1918)
Paul's Wife: or "The Ostriches" (1919)
My Long Life (1939)

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Under The Wattle

"Why should not wattle do
   For mistletoe?"
Asked one -- they were but two --
   Where wattles grow.

He was her lover, too,
   Who urged her so --
"Why should not wattle do
   For mistletoe?"

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