Douglas Penick

Biography of Douglas Penick

I graduated from Princeton University, was a research associate at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, and a chef at Gordon Matta Clark’s Food. I’ve studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism for more than 30 years, and have written and taught on Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian religion, history and culture. I wrote the National Film Board of Canada’s prize winning two part series on the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Leonard Cohen, narrator) and the libretti for two operas: King Gesar (Sony CD w/ Ma, Serkin, Ax et. al.) and Ashoka’s Dream (Santa Fe Opera) with composer, Peter Lieberson. I’ve also written pieces to music by Philip Glass, for choreographer Katsura Kan, and on commission from the New York Philharmonic, the Boulder Symphony, Denver Eclectic Concerts and others. I’m the author of three books deriving from the epic cycle on the life of King Gesar of Ling: Crossings on a Bridge of Light, Warrior Song of King Gesar and The Brilliance of Naked Mind. Short fiction, essays and poetry have appeared in Bombay Gin, The Shambhala Sun, Parabola, Porte Des Singes, Cahiers de L'Herne, Publishers Weekly and elsewhere. My novel A Journey of the North Star, a semi-finalist in the 211 ABNA, was brought out by Publerati this June.

Douglas Penick's Works:

Warrior Song of King Gesar - Mill City Press
Crossings on a Bridge of Light - Mill City Press
The Brilliance of Naked Mind - Mountain Treasury Press
Questioning Meditation - Kindle Direct
Journey of the North Star - Publerati Updates

Song Of Kalapa Valley

This is the sacred ground which must be held.
The future of human dignity depends on this.

Imperial Kalapa, summit of Shambhala
Ringed by diamond peaks and snow mountains
Swathed amid lush gardens, turquoise lakes
Swirling amid winds
Sweet with the scents of juniper, ice and spring;

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