Dowell Oba

Dowell Oba Poems

1. If My Dearly Beloved... 1/16/2008
2. Strange, Different But Admirable 1/26/2008
3. Prisoner Of Sentiment 10/1/2008
4. A Picture Of You 10/1/2008
5. Life Of A Glutton 10/4/2008
6. Observance Of An Admirer 10/9/2008
7. Dreadful Old Soak 10/23/2008
8. An Uncontestable Beauty 10/23/2008
9. The Bows Of Cupid 1/21/2009
10. Amidst The Worries 1/21/2009
11. Something About Your Hand 1/21/2009
12. Unique Feature 1/21/2009
13. Flying Beetle 1/21/2009
14. Intended Friendship With Africa 1/21/2009
15. Cravings 3/21/2009
16. Instrument Of Destruction 12/15/2007
17. Obsession 12/29/2007
18. Reciprocated Love 1/16/2008
19. Avoidance 12/8/2008
20. Romantic Collision 1/26/2008
21. In Your Arms 10/1/2008
22. My Kind Of Girl 11/29/2008
23. Merriment 10/1/2008
24. Natural Beauty 10/1/2008

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Best Poem of Dowell Oba

Natural Beauty

A clear representation of nature's worth
Unadorned by false ointments, mostly sought
Quite extraordinary a portrait, so phenominal
Uncorrupted by sheer madness, very normal
Of society's changing course of modernity
Embracing fading fashion with abnormality
But unadulterated or untainted lies thy beauty
Fading not in nature's changing course, a reality
Genuine lies thy obvious and palpable cuteness
Thy fair tender brightness of much goodness
An integral origin holds thy native charm
Charming still from eyes to a lift of thy arm
Inherent feature bears thy cute...

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Reciprocated Love

Having felt the joys of requited love
Running parallel lines to reciprocated love
For my love and darling loves me truly
From thy honesty of thy heart my one only
Giving in return my every romantic favour
Adding to thy sweetness more drops of flavour
Bringing in harmony to our wonderful affair
So the queen of my heart your title I confer
In recognition of thy visible ethical tendency

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