Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Gold Star - 17,673 Points [Dr John Celes] (14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Poems

1001. Sonnet: Have Mercy On Him, Lord 3/2/2008
1002. Abortions On The Increase 3/4/2008
1003. Sonnet: Prayer For A Good American Prez 3/4/2008
1004. Sonnet: Choose Your Leader, Capable 3/4/2008
1005. Sister Alphonsa (Aug 1910 – July 1946) From Blessed One To Saint 3/6/2008
1006. A Prayer To Lord, Jesus Christ 3/8/2008
1007. The Modern Eve 3/8/2008
1008. Satan 3/9/2008
1009. Thanks Be To God 3/9/2008
1010. Sonnet: To Abort Is Sheer Ruthlessness 3/10/2008
1011. Sonnet: Let Death Come, So What? 3/10/2008
1012. Sonnet: Senescence 3/11/2008
1013. Sonnet: Death Will Come 3/11/2008
1014. Better Dead Than Alive! 3/11/2008
1015. Sonnet: The Futility Of Man’s Labors 3/13/2008
1016. A Poet’s Heart-Mail To God 3/13/2008
1017. Almighty God 3/14/2008
1018. Sonnet: Repent 3/14/2008
1019. Sonnet: Wild Beasts Do Not Abort Like How Some Women Do 3/15/2008
1020. Lamentations Of An Abortus 3/16/2008
1021. Sonnet: When Death Comes Like A Thief… 2/22/2008
1022. Sonnet: Spare Us Sinners, God… 3/18/2008
1023. Good Friday 3/20/2008
1024. Sonnet: In Earthly Life 3/21/2008
1025. Life’s Piquant Situations 3/22/2008
1026. Human Eyes 3/22/2008
1027. Sonnet: God Doesn’t Forsake Us 3/24/2008
1028. Sonnet Eyewitness 3/24/2008
1029. Sonnet: The Need For Purity Of Soul 3/27/2008
1030. The Day Of The Chimp (Rictameter) 3/31/2008
1031. On Wading Into Deeper Waters 3/31/2008
1032. Sonnet: The Omnipotent God 4/2/2008
1033. God Abhors Abortion Always 4/3/2008
1034. God Cares For All Creatures 4/3/2008
1035. God (Rictameter-Odd) 4/3/2008
1036. The Caterpillar 4/5/2008
1037. Sonnet: On Pornography 4/6/2008
1038. The Spider 4/6/2008
1039. A Doctor, At Last! 4/7/2008
1040. Our Magnanimous God 4/9/2008

Comments about Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

  • Janet Mary Zylstra (12/10/2004 3:11:00 PM)

    As a Christian writer myself, I stand by Dr Celes' choice to expose himself and his faith in beautiful poetry to a world which today, as much as in Jesus' time, despises anything good, clean and pure. If you don't use your 'natural' name, it's
    probably because he has a certain consideration for the majority of us Westerners
    who cannot pronounce lengthy words in other languages. I too am a polyglot, but
    Indian languages did not make up part of my education. There is so much smut
    around that I do not believe anybody can write too many Christian, God praising
    poems. Keep up the good work. I'm praying for you.

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  • Poetry Hound (12/4/2004 9:40:00 AM)

    Why on earth would you want to be recognized for how many poems you write? Why not instead seek recognition from others regarding the quality of your output? But alas, you'll not get that from me.

  • Rajaram Ramachandran Rajaram Ramachandran (4/13/2004 4:22:00 AM)

    Dr. A. Celestine Raj Manohar, M.D. is a prolific writer, particularly wonderful Sonnets. He is a Doctor by day and a Poet by night, which is a rare quality of a doctor in the present day world. He is a born poet and poetry is hidden in his blood. That is why he burns mid night oil to come out with his feelings on the website screen over variety of subjects. It is no wonder if his name comes up one day in the history of famous poets and as an excellent sonnet writer.

  • Dr John Celes (10/5/2003 2:29:00 PM)

    About the Poet
    Dr.A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., PEN-NAME: dr john celes was born on Valentine’s Day of 1957 at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, INDIA, the eighth child of a well-educated, Roman Catholic family. His father Shri A.T.Antoniswami M.A.L.T., was an excellent school-teacher and a man of great learning, disciplinarian, principles and fortitude. His mother Stella was fairly educated and was able to do both the house-hold chores as well as help the children in their studies.
    Dr john celes received the best English medium education at Carmel Garden Matriculation School, Coimbatore, where he was born and became a Doctor, finishing his M.B., B.S., at Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore in 1979 and a Physician by passing M.D.(General Medicine) in 1989 in the same college. His most cherished dream being a Medical Teacher, the poet joined PSGIMS&R, CBE where he worked for nearly seven years. Presently, he is a Professor of Medicine and Chief, Medical Unit II and Physician in IRT Perundurai Medical College and Research Center and Hospital, Perundurai, ERODE-638053, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
    A versatile person interested in academic and many extra-curricular activities like music, games, elocution, essay-writing and short-story-writing etc, the Poet took to writing English Poetry serendipitously and suddenly since May eleventh,1998, exactly coinciding with the Pokhran II Blasts of India. He started off with his ‘Auto-biography’ in an epic form of heroic couplets first that ran into a few thousand lines(Incomplete) . He loved to write on any topic under the Sun and many genres.
    His maiden anthology of just seventeen good poems was released on Valentine’s Day,2-14-1999 in the Medical College where he worked while a second booklet was released again on 5-11-1999, the First Anniversary of India’s Pokhran II Blasts(India’s Resurgent Day) .Though poetry was only his avocation, he has been writing it rather rapidly and voluminously as he found all the essential factors for goading a Muse to enter a writing spree, continually operative in the place where he worked.
    He has been rendering his poems and even singing some of them to elite audience whenever he could. He wrote the Alma mater Song for the Medical College where he works. Not a function was held that never had the Poetry of dr john celes in it. He even instituted a small Rolling Trophy for English Poetry by Medical Students of the same college. He has participated in a number of Poetry competitions till date and went on-line to submit his many poems at the following websites: www.poemhunter.com; www.poettext.com ; www.ndtv.com poetry corner and also at www.poetry.com. He has published the world’s highest number of Sonnets on-line of the Shakespearean type and hopes to enter the Guinness Book of World Records soon and eventually receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. His Poetry could one day become a ‘Turning point in his career’!
    According to dr john celes: God inspires, The Poet perspires, And the poem transpires.
    The more a poet scribbles, the better the poems out come.
    Poets can make this world a little Heaven!
    Poetry is a gift from God, given to a chosen few souls on earth rarely!
    written by the poet himself as the world does not know him enough as yet but his poetry already has reached colossal and remarkable levels!

Best Poem of Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Easter- The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And The Death Of Death!

Lord Jesus Christ has risen from his grave!
The tomb on third day was an empty cave;
The Savior of mankind has done the feat;
The Evil One Satan has got defeat.

The empty tomb of Jesus Christ is proof:
The tomb-stone rolled aside, away from roof;
Yes, Jesus resurrected as forecast;
The sting of death is now a thing of past.

The second Adam has won over death;
The fear of death needn’t haunt someone on earth;
Death is not end but henceforth beginning
Of Life eternal- mankind’s new meaning.

Jesus, the Light has dispelled all darkness, ...

Read the full of Easter- The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And The Death Of Death!

This Is The Day!

‘I’m the Truth, the Way and the Light’, says the Lord;
May be, you’ve missed Him all along and remained in the dark;
May be, you’ve missed hearing His call;
May be, you’re engrossed in your problems all;
Just place your trust in God and talk to Him;
He has the powers to make your life less grim;
Perhaps, in these days of your strife;
He’ll give you a chance, to feel His special love for you in your life;
Forget your past and begin to pray;

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