Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Gold Star - 16,222 Points [Dr John Celes] (14-2-1957 / Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Poems

3121. Christmas Lights 12/14/2016
3122. Over-Eating For Insatiable Hunger 12/15/2016
3123. An Island With An Iceberg Nigh 12/15/2016
3124. Love's Taste 12/18/2016
3125. Christmas 2016 12/19/2016
3126. Resolutions 12/19/2016
3127. Sonnet: The Contrite Souls Get Saved 12/23/2016
3128. A Special X'mas Message To All (From Kfmsr, Cbe) 12/23/2016
3129. Happy New Year,2017 12/27/2016
3130. Sonnet: Happy New Year,2017 12/27/2016
3131. Sonnet: Some Children Nowadays 12/28/2016
3132. Foes Are An Index Of Your Steadfastness 12/28/2016
3133. New Year,2017 12/29/2016
3134. Happy New Year 2k17 12/31/2016
3135. Why Do I Write Poetry? 1/3/2017
3136. Happy Birthday My Dear Better Half 1/6/2017
3137. Love Is Lovely 1/8/2017
3138. Sonnet: Earth - The Loveliest Planet 1/8/2017
3139. Beauteous Earth 1/9/2017
3140. Sestina: The Ship Of Life In The Stormy Sea 1/12/2017
3141. On The Joy Of Being A Mom 1/14/2017
3142. A Marriage-Day Prayer 1/18/2017
3143. To Me… 2/17/2017
3144. Good Day (The Meaning, In An Acrostic) 2/21/2017
3145. Sonnet: On Parental Love And Care 2/27/2017
3146. Happy Iwd,2017 (Kfmsr, Cbe) 3/8/2017
3147. World Friend's Hug Day,2017 3/19/2017
3148. 'Tis A Topsy-Turvy World- So What? 3/21/2017
3149. World Tb Day,2017 (Medicine Cme At Kfmsr, Cbe) 3/24/2017
3150. Sonnet: So, Let Your Birthday Be Happy Always 4/8/2017
3151. Why Good Friends Hurt You Worse Than Foes At Times? 4/11/2017
3152. Sonnet: A Tribute To Paediatricians (Happy Pediatrician's Day) 4/14/2017
3153. Sonnet: On Husband's First Death Anniversary 4/23/2017
3154. Sonnet: To Stella, Our Mother Dear, With Love, From Seven Children All (On 7th Death Anniversary) 4/26/2017
3155. Sonnet: International Workers Day 4/30/2017
3156. Sonnet: When A Daughter Is Just Married… 5/1/2017
3157. Song -Hail, O Lady Of Fatima! 5/13/2017
3158. Mother's Day,2017 Special 5/14/2017
3159. Sonnet: The Day, Our Daddy Died 6/4/2017
3160. A Father's Words To His Children On Father's Day 6/17/2017
Best Poem of Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Sonnet: A Lost Friendship

You were my friend then: now almost stranger!
Our friendship appeared once very glorious;
What happened meantime, gives me great anger;
Our friendship no longer remains serious.

Fool you were, to be misled by others,
Who drove a giant wedge ’midst our friendship;
Cut off is our friendship, which me bothers;
A nadir has come in our relationship.

What years of intimacy have been lost?
You’ve been foolish, very much on your part;
Our friendship today is just but a ghost;
Won’t your eyes see the true love in my heart?

Dear friend however,...

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The Marvelous Picture

The window is quite old and rusted;
The wall has peeled off in some places;
Nevertheless, its photograph looks so lovely as
The lush green trees and water outside,
Seen through its pane,
Add beauty to the same.

All is verdure through the glass;
Yet all is natural, dressed in green;

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