Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Gold Star - 16,120 Points [Dr John Celes] (14-2-1957 / Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Poems

3601. The Making Of Eve, The First Woman 6/14/2014
3602. If You'Re A Christian Then, 7/12/2014
3603. Sonnet: Who Makes Money Wisely? 7/24/2014
3604. Sonnet: Life Looks Strange 9/20/2014
3605. An Indian Song Of Unity 10/2/2014
3606. Sonnet: You'Re An Amazing Person! 11/10/2014
3607. In Utter Hopelessness And Despair... 12/18/2014
3608. God's Mercy 12/14/2014
3609. Advice For Success In Life (Lamp-Lighting Ceremony) 1/3/2015
3610. To My Darling Wife On Her Birthday (6-1-2015) 1/3/2015
3611. Good-Bye, Dear Irt Pmc 2/3/2015
3612. Sin 2/2/2015
3613. God Triumphs Always 2/7/2015
3614. Heart-Care 2/8/2015
3615. Honesty Pays Richer Dividends 2/10/2015
3616. Delhi's Mighty Magic Broom! 2/11/2015
3617. Sonnet: Ungrateful Man! 8/23/2014
3618. Sonnet: The Sacrament Of Reconciliation 9/10/2014
3619. God Feeds The Birds 9/17/2014
3620. The Feast Of The Exaltation Of The Holy Cross 9/15/2014
3621. Sonnet: To My Beloved Boss 9/11/2014
3622. The House I Bought? 7/29/2014
3623. Song: You Are My God... 8/28/2014
3624. God Truly Cares For Me 7/13/2014
3625. What More Do You Want, Doc? Napomo14-30 4/29/2014
3626. Candle (Acrostic Brevity) 3/22/2014
3627. Beauty Is Half-Revealed And Half-Concealed! 3/22/2014
3628. Prisoners Of Their Own Making! 4/10/2014
3629. Iwd 2014 Un Theme: 'Equality For Women Is Progress For All' 3/7/2014
3630. Life... 2/5/2014
3631. Must I Regret? 2/5/2014
3632. Message For The New Year,2014 12/28/2013
3633. You Are On Holy Ground 8/4/2013
3634. Medicine In Poetry: Ode To The Fibre-Optic Endoscope 8/27/2013
3635. Happy Birthday, Dear Nonagenarian 6/3/2013
3636. Adios Amigos! Adieu, My Friend! 3/1/2013
3637. Wishing You A Happy Wedding Anniversary! 2/7/2013
3638. Sonnet: On The Birth Of Jesus Christ 12/13/2012
3639. Sonnet: Jesus Always Lives In The Holy Eucharist 10/2/2012
3640. Sonnet: Boosting My Self-Confidence When At Life's Crossroads 9/30/2012
Best Poem of Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Sonnet: A Lost Friendship

You were my friend then: now almost stranger!
Our friendship appeared once very glorious;
What happened meantime, gives me great anger;
Our friendship no longer remains serious.

Fool you were, to be misled by others,
Who drove a giant wedge ’midst our friendship;
Cut off is our friendship, which me bothers;
A nadir has come in our relationship.

What years of intimacy have been lost?
You’ve been foolish, very much on your part;
Our friendship today is just but a ghost;
Won’t your eyes see the true love in my heart?

Dear friend however,...

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The Marvelous Picture

The window is quite old and rusted;
The wall has peeled off in some places;
Nevertheless, its photograph looks so lovely as
The lush green trees and water outside,
Seen through its pane,
Add beauty to the same.

All is verdure through the glass;
Yet all is natural, dressed in green;

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