Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Gold Star - 16,312 Points [Dr John Celes] (14-2-1957 / Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India)

Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D., Poems

3841. Sonnet: Turning Points In Life 2/29/2012
3842. 'Happy Valentine's Day 2012! ' 2/13/2012
3843. A Mother 5/13/2012
3844. Sonnet: On Being A Roman Catholic... 10/18/2011
3845. Sonnet: Teacher(S) And Student(S) 9/4/2015
3846. Sonnet: When Does Death Come? 8/24/2015
3847. Sonnet: Souls In Purgatory 8/25/2015
3848. Lines To An Expectant Nurse 8/22/2015
3849. Sonnet: I Am Thine Lucky Pot! 8/24/2015
3850. My Life On Earth In Retrospection 10/3/2015
3851. A Flooded City With Anguished Hearts 12/2/2015
3852. The Common Man 10/27/2015
3853. Tamil Puthaandu,2015 Greetings 4/14/2015
3854. Sonnet: Most People Nowadays! 6/5/2015
3855. Sea-Shells (Brevity) 6/30/2015
3856. The Kashmir Of India 7/18/2015
3857. Sonnet: A Bad Man Can’t Undo A Good Man’s Work 8/15/2015
3858. God-Believers Don’t Worry 6/20/2015
3859. Sonnet: For Success In Life 5/20/2015
3860. Sonnet: A Unique Human Being! 7/17/2016
3861. Apathy- Earthly Life Seems Crazy 4/27/2016
3862. Can Smiles Conceal What The Eyes Reveal? 2/16/2016
3863. If I Am What I Am, 1/23/2016
3864. Sonnet: My Successes, I Owe To God Alone 1/10/2016
3865. Sonnet: When Needs Arise In Life … 1/5/2016
3866. What's In Your Name? 1/22/2016
3867. The Old Year 12/30/2015
3868. The Modern Concept Of Christmas 12/26/2015
3869. Sonnet: Is Retirement, A Boon? 9/20/2015
3870. Merry Christmas 2015 (In Acrostic) 12/24/2015
3871. Brevity: Life's Evanescence 9/7/2016
3872. Sonnet: Awesome Nature, Awesome God 3/19/2016
3873. A Scrambled Egg... 3/14/2016
3874. Free Will - God's Gift To Man 11/20/2016
3875. Within The World … 2/28/2016
3876. When Things Go Awry… 2/1/2016
3877. Sonnet: God Bless Our Teachers Dear Today 9/5/2016
3878. A Song To Meggie Dear! 5/24/2007
3879. Japanese Tsunami,2011 3/14/2011
3880. Bible In Poetry: Gospel Of St. John 1 (Chapter 1) 6/23/2007
Best Poem of Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Sonnet: A Lost Friendship

You were my friend then: now almost stranger!
Our friendship appeared once very glorious;
What happened meantime, gives me great anger;
Our friendship no longer remains serious.

Fool you were, to be misled by others,
Who drove a giant wedge ’midst our friendship;
Cut off is our friendship, which me bothers;
A nadir has come in our relationship.

What years of intimacy have been lost?
You’ve been foolish, very much on your part;
Our friendship today is just but a ghost;
Won’t your eyes see the true love in my heart?

Dear friend however,...

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Sonnet: Life's Crosses

Life's crosses seem to grow heavier each day;
It looks to be a mammoth one at times;
My fettered hands can only try to pray;
O God, do usher in some better climes.

How long must I this ignominy feel?
My days on earth are dreary, gloomy still;
And slippery is ground under my heel;
My mind and heart appears so very ill!

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