Dr. Antony Theodore

Dr. Antony Theodore Poems

561. It Is Midnight My God. 3/25/2016
562. Hope Of An After-Life. 3/28/2016
563. You Are God In Hiding. 3/30/2016
564. I Think Of You Mummy. 4/8/2016
565. Lord. When Will You Visit Me Again? 4/8/2016
566. Full Of Fragrance And Innocence 4/23/2016
567. Every Person Is A Piece Of Gold. 5/5/2016
568. I Heard You Then In My Consciousness. 5/18/2016
569. In Contact With The Sweet Point In The Heart. 5/30/2016
570. Innocence Is Still Intact. 5/30/2016
571. You Are Pure Love. 7/7/2016
572. Purify The Doors Of Perception. 7/12/2016
573. Elevate Human Love To The Sacred 7/18/2016
574. 'Where Are My Parents? ' 7/19/2016
575. I Cry Out In Pangs. 7/20/2016
576. Silence Can Be A Very Powerful Instrument. 7/28/2016
577. Deep Fountain Of Love Within 8/2/2016
578. At The Soul Level 8/2/2016
579. My Being Dances Before You. 7/23/2016
580. May Our Friendship Bloom Into A Rose. 8/14/2016
581. What You Need Really Is To Love 7/29/2016
582. The Heart Centre Reveals Itself Slowly. 8/15/2016
583. The Absolute Of The Mystics Is Lovable. 11/16/2015
584. Guardian Angels 1/2/2016
585. They Smile And Laugh 1/4/2016
586. Be A Candle That Burns 1/9/2016
587. You Are The Melody In My Flute. 1/9/2016
588. Look In..... Consciousness 12/26/2015
589. On Your Knees You Become Great 12/16/2015
590. Oh Nightingale, Nightingale 12/5/2015
591. I Smelled The Forest Jasmine 12/5/2015
592. The Hunger Of Heart And Intellect 11/24/2015
593. Communion With The Transcendent. 11/19/2015
594. The Angels Carry The Seal Of God. 10/31/2015
595. The Spark Of The True Being 11/5/2015
596. The King Led Me Into Light. 10/29/2015
597. The Journey ' In ' God. 10/31/2015
598. The Spark Of The Soul. 10/27/2015
599. 'I' Should Become Smaller. 10/28/2015
600. The One Who Has No Form. 10/28/2015

Comments about Dr. Antony Theodore

  • Tomy Pop (5/8/2010 2:11:00 AM)

    I think there is a lot of mystery in you and you go to the mystical level.
    all real poets are mystical i think

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  • Supriya Prathapan Supriya Prathapan (4/24/2010 10:12:00 AM)

    I think your style is similar to the Romantic Poets. The 'imagery' used in your poems is simply brilliant.

Best Poem of Dr. Antony Theodore

If You Die Before Me

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
and hug you so innocently
that angels will become jealous.

I shall kiss you.
So intimately shall I kiss you
that your breath becomes mine.
In one breath of love shall
we merge into hugs of true joy.

Your heart shall beat
in rhythms unheard
like the drums of the desert
and the wild forest in the night.

You shall murmur in my ears:
'Oh press me to your chest;
Tear open your chest,
Make way for me
to enter into your loving heart
that beats only for me in resounding ...

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Universal Presence

There is a tree
and I sleep under its shade
and the dreams teach me
of the One in me
and in the tree.

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