Dr. Antony Theodore

Dr. Antony Theodore Poems

241. Is It By Your Understanding That The Hawk Soars? 11/23/2017
242. Abolishing The ‚disguise‘ Of The Illusionary Self. 11/16/2017
243. Intellect Is Not Itself The Essence Of Truth. 11/17/2017
244. Sunshine Told Me Love Yourself Just As I Love My Own Shine. 11/19/2017
245. Translation Of 'i Am Your Baby Mum'... Devotional Creation In More Pure Form. 7/4/2017
246. Translation Of I Am Your Baby, Mum- (Hindi) - Poem By Shilpa Chaganti 8/10/2017
247. Conversion As A Revelation 4/4/2017
248. Conversion As A Joyous Perception Of God 4/4/2017
249. The Absolute And Dynamic Aspects Of Truth. 4/7/2017
250. One Cannot Take The Ego Into The Presence Of God. 4/2/2017
251. Becoming Modes Of The Infinite 4/2/2017
252. Impelled To Abandon The Solitude 4/3/2017
253. The ‘tremendous Lover' Is Hunting The Separated Spirit. 1/13/2017
254. I Am A Sacred Being. 11/19/2016
255. Union And The Divine Fecundity. 3/31/2017
256. The Free Divine Germ In Man 1/12/2017
257. In God Alone Shall My Soul Come To Rest. 12/10/2016
258. The Innate Mystical Sense Of The Poets 1/9/2017
259. Hints Of Mystery. 1/9/2017
260. The Annihilation Of Selfhood And The Fulfillment Of Love 1/5/2017
261. I Want To Hide Myself In The Heart Of God 1/5/2017
262. Lord I Want Harmony. 12/30/2016
263. I Want To Follow My Bliss 12/30/2016
264. My Heart Reaches For A Spiritual Light 12/31/2016
265. I Enjoy Those Silent Moments 12/3/2016
266. Get In To Contact With Your Own Liveliness. 12/6/2016
267. The Thinking That Creates Problems 12/8/2016
268. In Utter Silence 12/4/2016
269. God In Nature 12/4/2016
270. God Answers By Fire 12/4/2016
271. When You Cry 12/4/2016
272. The Poor Are Merciful 11/26/2016
273. The Heart Center Reveals Itself Slowly. 9/2/2016
274. To The Inner Mount 9/4/2016
275. Prostrate There In The Inner Space 9/6/2016
276. A New Consciousness Emerges 9/4/2016
277. A Seed Hidden 9/2/2016
278. I Flew Across The Deserts Of The Sky 9/3/2016
279. May God Be Born In Our Soul. 9/4/2016
280. Love And Spirit Meet In Your Center. 8/23/2016

Comments about Dr. Antony Theodore

  • Tomy Pop (5/8/2010 2:11:00 AM)

    I think there is a lot of mystery in you and you go to the mystical level.
    all real poets are mystical i think

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  • Supriya Prathapan Supriya Prathapan (4/24/2010 10:12:00 AM)

    I think your style is similar to the Romantic Poets. The 'imagery' used in your poems is simply brilliant.

Best Poem of Dr. Antony Theodore

If You Die Before Me

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
and hug you so innocently
that angels will become jealous.

I shall kiss you.
So intimately shall I kiss you
that your breath becomes mine.
In one breath of love shall
we merge into hugs of true joy.

Your heart shall beat
in rhythms unheard
like the drums of the desert
and the wild forest in the night.

You shall murmur in my ears:
'Oh press me to your chest;
Tear open your chest,
Make way for me
to enter into your loving heart
that beats only for me in resounding ...

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Burning Blessing

The Powers of the depths
in a gasp of pain
rise to the realm of Intensity.
The songs of the soul,
meet the dance of the body.
The heart meets the sky
and when the horizons widen,
love spends itself in

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