Dr.Balnarayana Bandam

Gold Star - 7,382 Points (10th August 1946 / Uppununthala/Achampet/tq/india)

Dr.Balnarayana Bandam Quotes

  • ''Unworthy can be made worthy''
    A stone becomes statue and worthy in the hands of a sculptor Worth worshiped, an innocent if taught become a scientist Raw material if molded becomes the engine to start and serve
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  • ''At least if one in the family is decent; it is more than the scent''
    If anyone in the family is poised and polite, get; a name to the parents Family and even to native and country too, his reputability spreads more Faster and longer distance than the scent
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  • ''Little may be little but, may serve to the level''
    Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent It may be in action, support, monetary, material, but it counts a lot Unless one added ninety-nine will not become hundred, never it becomes Century, in games, selections even fraction of second comes to count At the time of target out of kilometers run, one last step may come to count To decide, with little help one can catch the bus, little courtesy of roadside lift one may Attend an interview and get selected, though all contents suffice little salt gives a taste Little kindness saves a life; little patience stops the struggle
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  • ''By air or earth, no difference it makes, reach is worth''
    The human target is to reach the destination, the mode of the journey is unworthy of counting To the milkman to supply in early hours, is worthy in the count, rather calculate the mode Of journey
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  • ''For away may be the goal reach,
    Ever, the ideal is soul reach, as
    Soul absolute its role with befit''
    For all actions and fruitful goal, usage of the soul is more worth One can do energetic bodily activity work under strain but, the work With soul is more ease to reach the goal
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  • ''As door allows the owner and thief too
    Vigilance is more of the score in all actions''
    The door is the entrance of owner and thief also, alike mouth to speak good and bad Care and attention is more of worth to speak good and stay away from evil
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Best Poem of Dr.Balnarayana Bandam


work doing is a human
part, worth measure is divine sort,
make good, and claim worthy

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Call To Serve The Crawl

Born by the grace in the borrowed, torn cloth
Cried and smiled like any other child
Grown to walk and learnt to speak,
Played without garment, and laid himself in dormant
Kind was king cash was mare
Never seen him before nor to be seen again
While all happened to forget,
Polio favored to see him

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