Dr. Debasish Mridha

Dr. Debasish Mridha Poems

1. Beauty Of Hope 2/18/2013
2. By Becoming Nothing 7/18/2013
3. Dancing With Daddy 1/22/2013
4. Dreams Of Desire 1/11/2013
5. Fire Of Love 1/11/2013
6. Giving Without Expectation 1/15/2013
7. Happiness Will Come 1/11/2013
8. Humanity 1/11/2013
9. I Am A Very Simple Girl, Very Simple 1/15/2013
10. If Work Is Your Love Affair 6/24/2013
11. Life Is A Tall, Tender Tree 1/11/2013
12. Life's Duty 1/22/2013
13. Longing For Love 5/15/2013
14. Lost In Your Light 1/11/2013
15. Love Or Not To Love 3/27/2013
16. Miracles Of Life 1/11/2013
17. Moment Of Beauty 1/17/2013
18. My Little Angel. 2/6/2013
19. O' My Valentine 2/14/2013
20. Purpose 4/11/2013
21. That's Wonderful 1/11/2013
22. Touch My Love 1/15/2013
23. We, Not You And Me 11/6/2013
24. Wings Of Love 2/4/2013
25. You Are My Poetry 1/15/2013
26. You Are My World 2/5/2013
Best Poem of Dr. Debasish Mridha

Happiness Will Come

Happiness will come
Today, tomorrow, and every year.
Now, then, and every moment.
For if we learn to love, care, and share.

Happiness will come
To fill our heart with kindness.
It is a gift from the universe
To touch our life with joyful silence.

Happiness will come
For if we know wealth and splendors are illusions,
But attainment of a certain mental state
And unconditional love are real possessions.

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That's Wonderful

Oh my friend, I'll tell you
You're reading my poem, that's wonderful.
For you, life is pure, life is new,
Full of joy, full of fun, very colorful.

In life, there is day; there is night.
There is sadness; there is misery.
For when it's night, hold on tight
The sun will come up, be then cheery.

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