Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Quotes

02 March 2017

'Ask not what the friend can do for you Ask only what you can do for the friend' Love Poem - Love of friendship

10 April 2020

'There is love, There is dance, There is colour in life, There is the freedom to dance and be happy.'

26 December 2020

'Dance not for your body alone, but for your sweet soul within.'

26 December 2020

'My tiny soul is not my soul alone, it is a fragment of nature's powerful and magnanimous soul.'

26 December 2020

'When fingers curve into mystical 'mudras', the fantastic soul dances with divinity.'

28 December 2020

'O Sparkling Sun! Tell me the secret of your radiant smile! '

28 December 2020

'Pandemic 2020 has taught mankind to honour and value life as the precious gift of God.'

29 December 2020

'Bestow on the fragmented and scattered humanity, Benign love with genuine magnanimity.'

28 January 2021

When we know that we cannot change the law of nature, why battle, belittle or batter? It's a waste of time and energy! Just flow with life with patience and compassion!

10 February 2021

Life is a series of little wonders. But to experience these wonders, we have to capture them into the lens of our eyes and caress them in the core of our heart.

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