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Dr. Kalpna Rajput is the poet, translator, reviewer and editor and co-author of several books. She has been widely published in India and abroad. She is the Assistant Editor of literary ezine www.creativesaplings.com. of her husband Dr Shaleen Kumar Singh. Her Poems articles and papers have appeared in different journals of India and abroad. Presently she is editing a book on Stephen Gill, a poet from Canada with her husband.

Dr Kalpna Rajput's Works:

Edited Works:

•Edited the book of proverbs of Swami Nem Pal entitled Pearls of Wisdom in three Volumes.
•Currently editing (in association) the Book Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Gill (Canada) .

Associate Editor:

•At present, associate editor of an on-line journal www.creativesaplings.com

Co-authored the book Poet- Mahendra Bhatnagar: His Mind and Art.

•Translated the collection of Mahendra Bhatnagar entitled Lyric Lute, published from New Delhi.

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Calm looks
With due laden
Black deep eyes
Several questions seething
In the palpitating heart
Perhaps because of the fear of
Dreadful future when
Biding adieu.
Echoing plaintive anthems

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