It is my true mind,
And untainted heart talking;
I never do Poetry,
I just put my heart on paper…

“I can not teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”

I have never claimed that I am a poet. I am just a thinker and I believe; anyone who can think and can make others think; can do poetry. Anyone who can hear the cuckoo’s song, and can sing the unheard melodies; can do poetry. Anyone who can feel the pain of loss, and knows the ecstasy of love; can do poetry. Poetry can’t be learned or taught, unless it is running in our veins.

I have never tried to follow any rules; I do poetry as it comes to me. I believe; and can feel the presence of some Higher Power, while writing my mind, heart and soul on paper. Sometimes I lose my rhythm, and then I realize that I have lost balance in my thoughts. Sometimes I can find that balance in the nature around me, and sometimes I get more confused. Rhythm is always secondary to thought, and it is definitely the music of nature. And every thought can be rhythmic, if we have a creative sense of music in our souls. To do good poetry the ability to sense and thirst to explore the Truth and Virtue is as vital as Oxygen to life. If we don't have that sense and thirst of Truth and Virtue inside us, no matter how rhythmic we are; we can never do good poetry. And the central to all; one must be as free as a bird in the infinite sky, while doing poetry; which is not always possible. And I must say that even masterfully crafted verses can’t capture a mind, unless dipped in the sweat of perspiring pain and the fountain of ecstatic joy. So, poetry is a blend of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and above all our instinctive dimensions and desires. And if it is spontaneous, effortless and at the same time preserves the essence of all required ingredients; then surely words can make wonders.

Indeed, this life is sometimes like a prison. There are many things we follow, and many things we have to do without our will. Sometimes we have a free will, and mostly we are like slaves. One must be a learner all the life. One must seek the truth, and try to find it in everything.

And I will never mind shouting these words in the ear of each and every soul on the face of the earth.

“Explore life, observe the self and others; and then analyze. Don't follow what is given to you; follow what purity of your soul tells you. Listen to your inner self, be kind to yourself and others; enhance your understanding, and always love yourself and others. Make divine love your weapon to combat the pains and sorrows of life and always remember- Love is not what you fall for; it is what you stand for- And only True Love, Mindfulness and unconditional service to humanity can make this life worth-living for eternity.”

In the end I would ask my readers to read my poems like you are reading my life. And feel free to like or dislike, appreciate or criticize; whatever you say and do my friends; I would never mind. Just be sincere to yourself and respond truthfully after reading this poetry, which is nothing; but my life.

Thank you

God bless everyone

Dr Syed Kamran H Bukhari

All rights are reserved with the author.

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