Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan

Rookie - 194 Points (October 22,1972 / Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India)

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Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan poet

< b> Autobiography of an Award Winning Poet< /b>

I wanted a medal, and so I went
to the awarding committee vice president
and showed him all my poems and asked:
'Would you consider me for an award? '

'Your poems are all so simple and straight -
with no sign of style or high intellect;
even a schoolboy can plain understand them -
how can we award you for your poem? '

So I returned next day with a bunch of new
poems steeped in philosophy of high brow:
'Ah! they look now much better', he said,
'But which Party do you follow - Right or Left? '

I frankly said I belonged to neither,
whereupon he said, ''Your poems, my sir,
should follow some firebrand doctrine, or else
how can they the Jury's mind impress? '

'Casteism and Secularism are leading issues,
you can write on Feminism, if you choose! '
So the next day I wrote a few poems based
on sheer madness: 'I'm an Anarchist! ', I said.

'Ah! the poems are terrific! Now you get
a foreword written by an eminent poet,
and launch your book at a public gathering
by a celebrity of some social standing.'

'If my poems are good, then why this pain? '
I asked him, and he answered with disdain:
'Without propaganda, sir, your poetry's as good
as a chair with three legs that ever stood! '

And so I went to a dying old poet of repute
and made him sign below a foreword I wrote,
and having launched my book by a young rising
politician, I wondered: 'When the award's coming? '

'You will get the award, ' the vice president said,
'But you've still to do one thing, I am afraid -
to ensure your book is well received by public,
please get it reviewed by a well-known critic.'

'What's an award to do with a darned critic? '
I asked in rage, but his answer was as chic:
'Your poems are sophisticated, not easy to chew -
only a critic can lucidate your point of view! '

And so I did as directed, and at the end
of a year, in Autumn, a letter was sent
to me, declaring they were only too glad
to confer on me their top poetry award.

At a glittering function I received my medal,
but I swear, dear reader, before one and all
that as long as I remain in this world,
no more poetry for me - ah, no more award!


Dr Tapan Kumar Pradhan's Works:

Kalahandi (poem)

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I have printed my name in crimson lights
Upon my grave stone, a circle
Of grass and gravel tells you where
Below a bed of earth six feet deep
Reclines he who once refused to surrender.

Some day, if ever, you will pass by me
And remember, if at all, the emblazoned name,
Etched into marble grown yellow through years -

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