Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 18,379 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

441. Everyone Must Get Rid Of The Desire And Anger! 10/24/2015
442. One Does Not Need To Read The Educative Books Of The Learned People! 11/3/2015
443. Trying To Keep The Butter Over The Head Of The Peacock! 11/3/2015
444. Feeding The Bitter Medicine By Mixing With Jaggary Cake! 11/5/2015
445. The Wise Persons Will Not Mate With Five Types Of Women! 11/5/2015
446. While Your Income Becomes Less, Restrict Your Ways Of Spending! 11/5/2015
447. Desires Of A Person Who Has Not Much Of Wealth! 11/4/2015
448. What Will Happen As A Result Of The Fairest Outlook! 11/4/2015
449. L Signifies Life Real 11/11/2015
450. A Person Will Be Honored Automatically With All The Features Of Pride! 11/16/2015
451. It Is Not So Easy To Cajole! 11/17/2015
452. If Any Person Who Has Not Much Of Learned Wisdom Is Being Questioned! 11/18/2015
453. Wounds! 11/20/2015
454. Hopping Parrots On Shoulders! 11/21/2015
455. The Foolishness Of Following Other’s Wife! 11/24/2015
456. The ‘celestial Gods From The Heaven' Shall Come Forward! 11/24/2015
457. The Esteem Of The Persons Is Bigger Like The Ghost Who Has Big Physique! 11/24/2015
458. Bribe Flourishes Everywhere Around Us! 11/25/2015
459. Basic Changes Are Needed! 11/25/2015
460. Brother And Sister Went To School! 11/26/2015
461. No Way! Let Us Speak To The Relatives When We Are Vexed! 11/26/2015
462. The Morality Of The Learned Persons Is To Stay Tuned With… 12/3/2015
463. எங்கே என்மனம் பயமின்றி தலைநிமிர்ந்து இருக்கிறதோ… 12/3/2015
464. She Is The One Who Knows How To Survive! 11/22/2015
465. Let My Life To Come To An End Peacefully With Your Cuddled Love! 11/22/2015
466. For The Sake Of The Child, He Proudly Drenched In Rain! 11/23/2015
467. O’ Radhe! ‘love Me Only’ A Little And See! 12/6/2015
468. Three Things Are Said To Lead To Sadness And Agony! 12/7/2015
469. She Is ‘lovely Tamil’ With Love And Fondness! 12/7/2015
470. Hundredth Token Means Long Waiting! 12/8/2015
471. சோதித்துப் பார்க்கட்டும் துன்ப மில்லை - வஞ்சி விருத்தம் 12/4/2015
472. It Is Unpleasant For A Poet If He Leaves Without Singing Poetry! 12/5/2015
473. Latticed Window Got Exhausted! Or You Are Only ‘revolving Him Round And Round’ 12/9/2015
474. It Is Only Children With Their Childish Nature! 12/10/2015
475. You Leave The Sinful And Wicked Activities Leading To Grief! 12/11/2015
476. The Acquisition Of Articles Kept By Others In Your Custody Is Dangerous! 12/13/2015
477. Contradiction! 12/16/2015
478. The Ordeals Of A Young Village Woman! 12/19/2015
479. The Life And Body Are Not Eternal! 12/20/2015
480. O' My Illusive Magic Girl! Are You The Empress Of The Land Of Wonders? 12/17/2015
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Thames! Beautiful Thames!

Thames! Beautiful Thames!
Thames River arises at Gloucestershire,
flows thro' London, the capital of U.K;

Thames River is tidal in London
With a rise and fall of 7 meters,
The river is fed by more than 20 tributaries;

The Thames River which flows alongside
several other towns and cities -
Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames,
Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond -
is beautiful;

Thames River has a total length of 215 mile,
River banks on either side are beautiful,
Pavement strolling stretch on either side
is beautiful; ...

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Prosperity! - Haiku

No family planning,
More children,

Family planning
Small family
Happy life!

Plan your family,
A girl and a boy,
Thank God!

Take care of children,
Timely immunization,

Lifestyle changes,
Walking half an hour a day,
Healthy life!

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