Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 19,115 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

721. Your Look With The Corner Of Your Eye Will Weigh Me! 1/7/2016
722. Will Not The Ghost Jump And Pounce When It Hears The Drums Beating? 1/7/2016
723. Why The God Is Still Sitting Inside The Sanctum Sanctorum? 1/7/2016
724. Control Your Anger; Get Things Done Wiser! 1/8/2016
725. The Human Life And The Humanity Are Still Not Dieing! 1/8/2016
726. The People With Strong Mind And Genuine Knowledge! 1/8/2016
727. It Is An Oddity That The Struggling Life Is Retained In The Body With Nine Holes! 1/8/2016
728. Virtue, Knowledge, Education And Courage Are Important! 1/9/2016
729. The Man Who Speaks Highness Of His Wife Rules In Her Mind! 1/9/2016
730. By Whom This World Is..! 1/10/2016
731. Leave Alone The Vices And Do Virtuous Deeds Only! 1/11/2016
732. In The House Of The People Who Said False Witness! 1/11/2016
733. Why Should You Have The Mouth? 1/12/2016
734. Offer Me The Boon Scooping The Honey Of Desire Inside You! 1/12/2016
735. The Lucifer Shall Ask For Lending Your Address Of Light! 1/13/2016
736. Eloquence In Couplets - 2 1/2/2016
737. Don't Criticize And Abuse As ‘what Is The Benefit I Had'! 1/13/2016
738. The Persons With Lesser Knowledge Will Not Be Considered! 1/15/2016
739. The Wise Men Who Stand Firm Will Reach The Abode Of Heaven! 1/15/2016
740. Everyone Get The Benefit When They Submit To The Noble Persons! 1/16/2016
741. Village Getting Far Off At Nights! 1/21/2016
742. The Learned Persons Tell The Suitable People By Knowing The Subject To Their Interest! 1/24/2016
743. The Mental Status Of A Village Youth Living In City! 1/25/2016
744. A Path That Leads To A Route Resulting In Combined Benefit! 1/26/2016
745. O' My Heart! You Pray And Appeal To The Lord! 1/27/2016
746. The Supernatural One Remains Dispersed Everywhere! 1/27/2016
747. If The Egg Breaks From Within..! 1/27/2016
748. What Shall The Science Do After Getting The True Wisdom? 1/29/2016
749. Smell Of Silence! 1/29/2016
750. The Father Should Guide His Children By All Means! 1/31/2016
751. O' The Girls Who Have The Slender Creeper Like Waists! 2/1/2016
752. The Little Girl Madhumitha Who Lives In Cranston Close! 2/1/2016
753. In Which Family The Virtuous People With Genetic Pride Will Be Born? 2/1/2016
754. The Sensible Persons With Knowledge Will Not Do Certain Things! 2/3/2016
755. The Duty Of Every Person Is To Cut The Bond Of Conjuncture! 2/6/2016
756. The God Always Lies On The Lap Of The Child Who Gets Convinced! 2/7/2016
757. The Cooked Rice That Was Kept In The Security Of The Crow! 2/12/2016
758. My Heart Swells To Usurp The Joy With Raves! 2/27/2016
759. The Bride Likes Her Husband To Be Extremely Beautiful To Suit! 2/28/2016
760. Bad Character And Behavior Lead One To Lose All His Pride And Welfare! 2/28/2016

Comments about Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

  • Sankaran Ayya (4/4/2016 1:16:00 AM)

    While you have blossomed
    ..like a smiling flower,

    Why do I want white
    ..full moon here? Tell me!

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  • Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi (10/23/2015 12:14:00 AM)

    Dr.VKK is a well known poet not only here, but also in Tamil platform and he is very straight forward and gentle person and I wish him good luck.. Thank you Dr.VKK

  • Aftab Alam Khursheed Aftab Alam Khursheed (11/23/2013 10:17:00 AM)

    A Gratitude of thanks to Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
    Though by profession is a doctor but what I find he got a poetic heart and mind, his translation from Tamil to English is a great work, through his work and pain we are acquainted with the Tamil literature In his Poetry Wisdom sails, like lotus.most of the poems are teachings useful to human kind, I glorify Lord for his wit and clarity in poetry, I also request all to encourage the poetry of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan.My best regard and gratitude to Dr.V.K. Kanniappan A gem on PH we must not forget, I love his poetry by heart and mind...Love youDr.V.K. Kanniappan love you so much

Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Thames! Beautiful Thames!

Thames! Beautiful Thames!
Thames River arises at Gloucestershire,
flows thro' London, the capital of U.K;

Thames River is tidal in London
With a rise and fall of 7 meters,
The river is fed by more than 20 tributaries;

The Thames River which flows alongside
several other towns and cities -
Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames,
Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond -
is beautiful;

Thames River has a total length of 215 mile,
River banks on either side are beautiful,
Pavement strolling stretch on either side
is beautiful; ...

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Boats with lots of fish,
Fishermen' wives are in agony in the shore,
Pirates shot the fishermen!

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