Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 18,728 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

841. The Requirements For The Learned Persons To Be Respected! 1/1/2017
842. All Joined Together Are Digging The Pit To Push One Person Into The Ditch! 1/1/2017
843. Still There Remains A Portion Of Papaya! 1/1/2017
844. I Search For The Dog That I Missed! 1/2/2017
845. Marry By Knowing The Behavior Of The Women Folk Predecessors! 1/2/2017
846. Pray Lord Ganesha With Due Respect! 1/2/2017
847. It Is Wisely Advised To Fetch The Benefit That Comes In A Short Period! 1/3/2017
848. Is It Nice Of You To Eat The Chicken Wings With Pleasure? 1/5/2017
849. Catch Hold Of The Wealth And Prosperity Crisply! 1/5/2017
850. How Is It The People Who Do Not Realize The Good And Bad Do Live Happily? 1/5/2017
851. Feeding The Dog In The Golden Plate! 1/5/2017
852. The Nature Of The Persons Of Low Genetic Inheritance! 1/5/2017
853. The People Of Low Genetic Inheritance Behave As They Like! 1/5/2017
854. Goddess Of Fortune, Said To Be The Mother Jeyalalitha! 1/6/2017
855. Your Silky Physique Is The Object Of Song For The Poets! 1/6/2017
856. Work Firmly To Eradicate Bribe And Corruption! 1/6/2017
857. The People Of Prime Knowledge Never Get So Much Of Arrogance! 1/6/2017
858. Master In The Game, Both The Plowman And The Teacher! 1/7/2017
859. It Is Always A Struggle Everyday In The Traffic On The Road! 1/8/2017
860. The Heart Of The Dame Trembles While Waiting For Her Lover To Come! 1/9/2017
861. One Should Not Do Any Hard Core Harm To Anyone With Clamouring! 1/9/2017
862. What Prevented Him To Help Others And Get The Merits Of Virtuosity? 1/10/2017
863. Don't Make Your Life Period So Sorrowful By Getting Bribe! 1/10/2017
864. What Is Considered As A Bit Of Straw? 1/11/2017
865. The Son Should Safeguard His Father To Overcome The Fatigue In His Old Age! 1/12/2017
866. Believe; Both Shiva And Peacock Comparable! 1/12/2017
867. O' Mother Tamil! Lift Me And Embrace As A Part Of You In Your Chest! 1/16/2017
868. O' Lord Ganesha! Offer Your Blessings To Glorify Me Colorful! 1/17/2017
869. The People Of Excellence Never Speak Unwanted Words! 1/18/2017
870. The Daughter Helps In Plowing As An Alternate Companion To The Oxen! 1/19/2017
871. The Education Leads A Person To Leave Aside The Blindness Of Idiocy! 1/20/2017
872. O' Pearl Of My Eye! Propose Your Consent With Eye Gesture! 1/20/2017
873. What Are All Said To Be The Nature Of Duties For A Family Life? 1/20/2017
874. All Good Things Never Appear In Favor Of The People Who Become Furious! 1/21/2017
875. A Person Who Has Done Virtues In The Youthful Period Itself! 1/22/2017
876. The Property, Wealth, The Servants And Comforts Are Of No Use! 1/22/2017
877. Men Of Excellent Character From The Good Family Background! 1/22/2017
878. Large He-Goats Are Much Better Than The Ignorant Men! 1/23/2017
879. The Esteemed Persons With Knowledge And Discipline! 1/23/2017
880. There Is No Profit For Any One Without Principal Investment! 1/24/2017
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Thames! Beautiful Thames!

Thames! Beautiful Thames!
Thames River arises at Gloucestershire,
flows thro' London, the capital of U.K;

Thames River is tidal in London
With a rise and fall of 7 meters,
The river is fed by more than 20 tributaries;

The Thames River which flows alongside
several other towns and cities -
Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames,
Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond -
is beautiful;

Thames River has a total length of 215 mile,
River banks on either side are beautiful,
Pavement strolling stretch on either side
is beautiful; ...

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Boats with lots of fish,
Fishermen' wives are in agony in the shore,
Pirates shot the fishermen!

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