Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 18,473 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

1161. The Pride Of Not Looking Back At Other’s Wives! 3/25/2014
1162. He Is My Beloved Father! 3/12/2014
1163. நானுன்னை நினைக்காமல் இருக்க முடியாதே! 6/1/2014
1164. Disciplined Persons Will Not Have Bad Qualities! 6/6/2014
1165. Impurities Are Many; Purity Should Be Maintained! 5/14/2014
1166. Leave The Company Of Illiterates, Even If You Get Handful Of Wealth! 5/26/2014
1167. Prosperity! - Haiku 10/13/2011
1168. Eye Donation - Haiku 11/4/2011
1169. A Beautiful Portrait! -Haiku 11/4/2011
1170. The Best Wealth A Person Should Possess 1/25/2012
1171. Don'T Belittle Someone 9/11/2012
1172. All I Can Say! 9/1/2013
1173. Experienced And Learned People Are Necessary! 9/15/2013
1174. Chronic Alcoholism! 10/19/2011
1175. Better Decisions Make The Best Day! 6/29/2013
1176. The Twilight Fairies 11/4/2012
1177. It Is A Sun! 3/1/2013
1178. One Has To Cultivate Good Thoughts! 10/24/2013
1179. Noble Men Do What Best They Can! 10/26/2013
1180. By Seeing Birds And Animals, Learn To Be Affectionate! 10/31/2013
1181. Joint Family! Lead A Happy Life With Wisely Support! 10/9/2013
1182. What He Will Do If He Gets Pain! 10/11/2013
1183. Be Patient With Persons Who Defame You! 10/20/2013
1184. Proceeding For Discussion With Lord Siva! 10/20/2013
1185. Qualities Of One’s Purity Without Feeling Guilty! 9/19/2013
1186. Three Views Of A Scholarly Person For Being A Human! 9/20/2013
1187. Praising Words From Enemies..! 9/4/2013
1188. சின்னச் சின்ன பையா வா! 9/30/2014
1189. Burn The Heaven In The Universe! 10/3/2014
1190. சூரிய ஒளி தன் அபூர்வ கிரணங்களோடு விரைந்து வரும்! 9/17/2014
1191. The Goddess Of Wealth Who Sits On The Red Lotus Flower Offers! 6/15/2015
1192. She Is Also An Excellent And Elegant Woman! 10/2/2015
1193. Ignoble Persons - Politicians? - Face The Inquiry Commission Escape! 10/6/2015
1194. Be Bold And Take Decision To Enrich Wealth In Proper Way! 10/6/2015
1195. If The Wife Follows The Principles Of Her Husband? 10/3/2015
1196. Let Us Lead A Peaceful Retired Life With Our Children! 9/30/2015
1197. If Better Outlook Excels In Wives? 9/29/2015
1198. Brushing Aside The Principles Demolishes The Genetic Pride! 9/29/2015
1199. If The Intake Of Food Is Reduced, Life Leaves The Body! 9/5/2015
1200. O’ My Mind! You Imbibe An Extremely Lusty Desire! 9/15/2015
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Thames! Beautiful Thames!

Thames! Beautiful Thames!
Thames River arises at Gloucestershire,
flows thro' London, the capital of U.K;

Thames River is tidal in London
With a rise and fall of 7 meters,
The river is fed by more than 20 tributaries;

The Thames River which flows alongside
several other towns and cities -
Oxford, Reading, Henley-on-Thames,
Windsor, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond -
is beautiful;

Thames River has a total length of 215 mile,
River banks on either side are beautiful,
Pavement strolling stretch on either side
is beautiful; ...

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Lots of fish in the net,
But the day after, sea weeps...
the waves cry loudly banging the shore!

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