Dragan Radovancevic

Biography of Dragan Radovancevic

DRAGAN RADOVANCEVIC (Srem. Mitrovica,1979) .

Author of two books of poetry: “Klatno se boji letenja” (A Pendulum is Afraid of Flying) , (Gradska Biblioteka Cacak - 2006) and “Glagol intimnosti” (The Verb of Intimacy, Književna opština Vršac - 2009) .

He received the awards " Mladi Dis" (2006) and Brankova nagrada of the Association of Writers of Vojvodina (2007) .

In 2009 and 2010 he stayed in Vienna and Berlin as > on the scholar program of the
- Literary Colloquium of Berlin,
- KulturKontakt Austria, - the Vilenica Festival (Slovenia) and the Central European Initiative (Italy) .

His works have been translated to numerous languages, and included in many prose and poetry anthologies.

He defended his BA Thesis on the University of Potsdam near Berlin (Germany) , where he worked in the PECoG Laboratory for experimental psychology / divison cognitive sciences.

Since October 2015 he lives in Leipzig, attending Master program in Psychology on the University of Leipzig (Germany) .

Dragan Radovancevic's Works:

- " A Pendulum is Affraid of Flying" (poetry) , - " Verb of Intimacy" (poetry) , - " Briefe Aus Belgrad" (Short story, anthology) , - " From NASA with Love" (Short story, Anthology) . Comming soon (2016) : " Lampedusa" , Poetry Book

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The Prozac Sonata

In those pictures
from that period
we notice a lack of proportion.

Her face stares at its absence.
Her children, worried, embrace little more.

'I used to be depressed, ' she tells us, viewers, as a witness,
explaining this, now former state of mind.

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