Dragan Radovancevic

Biography of Dragan Radovancevic

DRAGAN RADOVANCEVIC (Srem. Mitrovica,1979) .

Author of two books of poetry: “Klatno se boji letenja” (A Pendulum is Afraid of Flying) , (Gradska Biblioteka Cacak - 2006) and “Glagol intimnosti” (The Verb of Intimacy, Književna opština Vršac - 2009) .

He received the awards " Mladi Dis" (2006) and Brankova nagrada of the Association of Writers of Vojvodina (2007) .

In 2009 and 2010 he stayed in Vienna and Berlin as > on the scholar program of the
- Literary Colloquium of Berlin,
- KulturKontakt Austria, - the Vilenica Festival (Slovenia) and the Central European Initiative (Italy) .

His works have been translated to numerous languages, and included in many prose and poetry anthologies.

He defended his BA Thesis on the University of Potsdam near Berlin (Germany) , where he worked in the PECoG Laboratory for experimental psychology / divison cognitive sciences.

Since October 2015 he lives in Leipzig, attending Master program in Psychology on the University of Leipzig (Germany) .

Dragan Radovancevic's Works:

- " A Pendulum is Affraid of Flying" (poetry) , - " Verb of Intimacy" (poetry) , - " Briefe Aus Belgrad" (Short story, anthology) , - " From NASA with Love" (Short story, Anthology) . Comming soon (2016) : " Lampedusa" , Poetry Book

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„Wenn ich ein Elefant wäre, würde ich mich wehren.“
Umberto Eco

Reihung einiger auserwählter Wörter.
Fall, Form, Zeit,
vergessener Konjunktiv,
fest vereinigt in wankender Vergangenheit.

Zeitgenosse sein mit einem Sinn für die historische Perspektive.

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