Dragon Fire

Biography of Dragon Fire

I've been writing poems for about 4 years..Though I took a break for about a year..
I've always loved writing since I was a kid. I've been told I'm good at it and that I have talent hehe.
Writing is just my passion and a way to get all my feelings out.
Most of my poems are based on how I'm feeling at the time, but some are just ones that pop into my head at random times.
Well lets see I love playing xbox and computer games. I write a lot, sometimes read. But I love hanging out with my friends.
I have the most amazing boyfriend even though he has hurt me a lot as you can tell from my poems. But I love him with all my heart, he truly is the best.
I also have the bestest friend in the world and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I love him a lot and he is like a brother to me and I will never forget him.

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My Whole Life

You sometimes make me cry
Sometimes your love makes me want to die
I spend the whole night in sighs
And I wonder at your lies
To me you’re not just another guy
And then I just sit and wonder why
To you I may mean nigh
To me you’re my whole life

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