Draven Cestodio

Draven Cestodio Poems

1. Never 11/13/2009
2. Innocence Lost 11/13/2009
3. Happiness In Peace Sadness In Fighting 8/21/2010
4. Responsibilities Of Those With Strength 8/21/2010
5. Love 8/22/2010
6. Nothing Left To Feel 11/5/2010
7. The True Angel 3/21/2011
8. Might As Well Be Invisible 3/21/2011
9. Your Trust Was A Lie 3/23/2011
10. Whatever You Need 3/23/2011
11. Stand 3/23/2011
12. Never Surrender 3/23/2011
13. How I Felt 3/23/2011
14. Not Meant To Love 3/26/2011
15. Mistake 3/26/2011
16. It's The Little Things That I Miss 3/26/2011
17. Taunt 10/5/2009
18. I Will Not! 10/18/2009
19. Fear 10/18/2009
20. This Feeling 10/20/2009
21. I Hate Therefore I Am 11/7/2009
22. Calm In The Face Of Them 11/7/2009
23. Snap 11/8/2009
24. Ego 11/8/2009
25. Protector 11/8/2009
26. No More Faking Weakness 1/2/2012
27. Meant To Be Alone 1/2/2012
28. What's Happening To Me 3/27/2011
29. Different Angels 11/8/2009
30. Present Strength Hidden Sorrow 11/7/2009

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Best Poem of Draven Cestodio

Present Strength Hidden Sorrow

I stand tall as all the misery around me floats

The words when i first heard of the sadness in my life

But i do not budge for i am strong

I walk past all who offer me a kind word to help ease my soul

I decline for I let my strength shine through

Acceptance within my heart I say i am all right

Everyone watches as i walk past and comment on my strength

Some fear that i have no feelings others envy for they hurt so much

I walk through the door of my bedroom and shut it behind me

I fall to my knees and catch myself with my hands as ...

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I Will Not!

I will not be stopped! I shall strive forth.
I will not stop, speaking my mind.
You will not stop me I am a force to be reckoned with
They will soon know my true potential.
I will not stop, being strong for myself and others.
There will be no end to this story, for others will take my place
Slowly the curtain closes upon my act but it will open again to yours and what you will not do is upon your shoulders.

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