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Draven Cestodio Poems

1. Never 11/13/2009
2. Innocence Lost 11/13/2009
3. Happiness In Peace Sadness In Fighting 8/21/2010
4. Responsibilities Of Those With Strength 8/21/2010
5. Love 8/22/2010
6. Nothing Left To Feel 11/5/2010
7. The True Angel 3/21/2011
8. Might As Well Be Invisible 3/21/2011
9. Your Trust Was A Lie 3/23/2011
10. Whatever You Need 3/23/2011
11. Stand 3/23/2011
12. Never Surrender 3/23/2011
13. How I Felt 3/23/2011
14. Not Meant To Love 3/26/2011
15. Mistake 3/26/2011
16. It's The Little Things That I Miss 3/26/2011
17. Taunt 10/5/2009
18. I Will Not! 10/18/2009
19. Fear 10/18/2009
20. This Feeling 10/20/2009
21. I Hate Therefore I Am 11/7/2009
22. Calm In The Face Of Them 11/7/2009
23. Snap 11/8/2009
24. Ego 11/8/2009
25. Protector 11/8/2009
26. No More Faking Weakness 1/2/2012
27. Meant To Be Alone 1/2/2012
28. What's Happening To Me 3/27/2011
29. Different Angels 11/8/2009
30. Present Strength Hidden Sorrow 11/7/2009

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Present Strength Hidden Sorrow

I stand tall as all the misery around me floats

The words when i first heard of the sadness in my life

But i do not budge for i am strong

I walk past all who offer me a kind word to help ease my soul

I decline for I let my strength shine through

Acceptance within my heart I say i am all right

Everyone watches as i walk past and comment on my strength

Some fear that i have no feelings others envy for they hurt so much

I walk through the door of my bedroom and shut it behind me

I fall to my knees and catch myself with my hands as ...

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This Feeling

Never have i felt like this before. So many things running through my mind.

No more crevices within my head to receed. I must face it now but i am not strong enough.

I will run as fast and far as i can. But there is only so far i can go.

This feeling will not leave me. I cannot escape it and i am scared.

I dont want this feeling here. I am not the person it makes me be.

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