Driven 2 Darkness

Rookie (January 21-22,1995 / oak-cliff Dallas, tx)

Biography of Driven 2 Darkness

i was born dead. Before my mother, on a hospital bed. But Nirvana must've had a plan. i'm am alive. but somethings not right. the blood in my vein may be taint in spite, of how God/the Gods saw purity in me. Maybe something didn't return when the body joined the spirit. Now something is trying to warn me. but alas, i'm too incoherent. Blinded by desire and lake in faith not for GoD but for humanity. What we are angers me. So i grew up with ore animal companions than humans. don't me wrong. i'm a humanitarian underneath. but it is very difficult to find humanity in this heap. of lust and desire. soon i grew tired. favoring black and white rejecting spectra in between. Rock over rap. dubstep over techno. Metal and political more than pop. christian and satanic over everthing that speaks it for fools. Spirituality over religion. t's hard to be an agonistic among christians. Updates


</>do you know, what terror holds, does it linger, to your nose. Bite down on your hope and faith. Is it the mirror in your room, or the shadows cast by the moon? can it see you? Does it feel? yet our bodies it does thrill. well all enjoy it, in some weird way. but Terror is never a reason to hate. Now...Think! ...terrifying isn't it.

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