Driven Endowed

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Driven Endowed Poems

1. Sonnet-Don't Mind Their Mockery 9/22/2015
2. Don't Dare God! 9/27/2015
3. Struggle 9/27/2015
4. Tilling Of The Ground 9/27/2015
5. Movement 9/27/2015
6. Childhood 9/27/2015
7. How Should I Know? 9/27/2015
8. Elizabethan Or Shakespeare Sonnet 10/1/2015
9. A Dream In A Dream 11/2/2015
10. Adébáyò, How Can You Survive? 11/6/2015
11. I Have A Dream 11/9/2015
12. Departure Of A Fearless Eagle 11/19/2015
13. You Are A Liar! 9/22/2015
14. You Can Never Do Us Wrong! 9/22/2015
15. The Praise Singer 12/6/2015
16. She Is Untouchable 12/6/2015
17. Tell That Lady Bleaching So Shine 12/6/2015
18. Hotness Of The Sun 12/6/2015
19. Valley Of Hardship 2/25/2016
20. Harmattan Season 12/6/2015
21. Mockery To An Unknown Lad 4/27/2016
22. Stop The Cycle Of Self-Depression 9/22/2015
23. Woman, Caution Your Dangling Breast. 2/25/2016
24. Arise O, Compariots 11/27/2015
25. Determination 9/22/2015
26. Fuel Scarcity 12/6/2015
27. I Don't Know Why I Cherish Her 12/6/2015

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I Don't Know Why I Cherish Her

I don't know why I cherish her,
Perhaps it is her way of talking,
Her way of twerking,
Or her being in a bar.

I don't know why I cherish her,
On it I was defeated by a small fry Boxer,
In which Mayweather cant stand with my bla,
But I was knocked down by a trainee who called of Sir.

I don't know why I cherish her,
On it I thought deeply to know the reason,
On it I went deeply in my Car,
But I couldn't hook it in return like Mike Tyson.

I don't know why I cherish her,
I tears apart my thought for the core truth,
I took a wall and ...

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Determination wheels one's success,
It's the core that drive our muse;
Helm the chest with boldness,
Where no fear woo the courage,
Mockery is a stepping stone to success;
Fear streghten the ironic acquintance,
Boldness depress mediocre ideology,
Whilt determination has cracked the tonic toxicology.

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