Duke of Aquintane Guilluame IX

(1071 - 1126 / France)

Biography of Duke of Aquintane Guilluame IX

Guillaume IX, Duke of Aquitaine was the first troubadour that was known by name. His songs are typically ribald full of puns and jests, but his verses display the deeply artistic and eloquent art of later Troubadours. In about a half of a century, the Troubadour influenced many and it's influence spread north to the Loire and beyond. His granddaughter of this troubadour (Guillaume IX, Duke of Aquitaine) was the the one and only heir to the wealth and the vast lands of Aquitaine.

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Pos De Chantar

Pos de chantar m'es pres talentz,
Farai un vers don sui dolenz:
Mais non serai obedienz,
En Peitau ni en Lemozi. Translation:

As the desire to sing takes hold of me,
I will make a song about my sorrow;
I will no longer be a servant of love
In Poitou nor in Limousin.