duke perry abrokwa Quotes

26 December 2020

I am a Christian not because I was born as one, but because I know it to be true.

26 December 2020

Wisdom is spoken to the world, understood by the wise.

30 December 2020

The ears are two for a reason, the mouth is one for a reason, the wise listen from both sides before making a judgement. The fool just jump into conclusions.

01 January 2021

We all battle in life, we just have to make sure we don't lose to fear.

11 January 2021

Fear paralyzes, only those that face it survives.

11 January 2021

Winning begins with imagination of victory.

13 January 2021

a man leads a home but a woman directs

13 January 2021

a woman is satisfy with care and love, but a man is only satisfy with respect.

16 January 2021

Truth is like a light and can never be hidden in the dark. It shines brighter in the dark.

17 January 2021

This world can paint you as the devil. Just don't let it be true.