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This Is Me

Pretty girls and guys are everywhere,

Awesome Dotj is nowhere....

It's like a treasure that is hard to find,

'coz she is one of a kind.

She might be funny, crazy or witty,

naughty, bitch or witch....

But she can be the best you'ved ever had,

Sure be with you even everything turns bad.

If others don't like her,

Who cares, she never gives a shit!

Every one of us have the freedom to do what we want,

Don't mind her if you don't want to be hunt.

If there's a chance that you have her,

Don't let go, never lose her.....

She might not be serious most of the times,

Laughing out loud is not a crime.

Make her fall in love is out of the line,

Never had the chance that she gave time.

Tried to loved someone before,

Don't ask how and why, just ask no more.

Being not in a relationship means freedom,

Do what you want never give a damn.

What's so special to have someone beside you?

Got lots of laws (do's and dont's) that you need to follow!

Often times she says;

Don't let someone rule you, can have boyfriend

but don't let him ' f_ _ _k you.

You're not sure if he's really the one....

The first should be the last too....

Brain is higher than your heart,

Don't let love tear you apart.

If you think that the man you like don't like you,

Well, maybe, 'he's inlove with a man too'.....

Don't rush when it comes to love,

It will just come around......

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'I Hate To Say Goodbye'

Even if it hurtz, i need t0 say g0odbye.
It w0n't be easy t0 f0rget y0u
But I will try.
I knew that n0 matter what i d0 I can't have y0u,
Never be with you.
It is better to say goodbye rather than always cry.

You might be like the sun that shines my day,
The moon that lights up my way.

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