Duong Tam Quoc

Rookie (October 26,1964 / South Vietnam)

Biography of Duong Tam Quoc

Her real name is Linh Ho who started writing poems at the age of 15 in Vietnam, a poor country under the communism. In 1986, as a refugee, Linh left her country for the United States.

Linh became the US citizen in 1992. At the same year, she had earned her B.S. degree in Accounting at George Mason University of the State of Virginia.

In 1995, she was certified to be the Public Accountant of Virginia, and after that she had held her CPA license in 4 other states including Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and California.

The fact of owning several CPA offices together with several restaurants could not stop Linh from writing poems and books. In 2007, Linh had decided to close all her businesses in order to devote her life just for writing.

Linh is currently living with her husband and her three children in Washington DC.

Duong Tam Quoc's Works:

50 Years - Duty Towards Family & Country
ISBN 978-0-9799-1800-1 (Vietnamese Version)

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The Unconditioned Love

Who gave you the holy love
In this planet
Who gave you the big blue sky
Clearing the clouds for the sunshine

The collector of babies' breaths
Beautiful scent that has been spread
The singer of sweet lullabies
Helps you sleep soundly at night

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