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Dustin Newman Poems

1. Life's Labyrinth 3/19/2012
2. Keying Love 3/19/2012
3. One-Sided Battle 3/19/2012
4. Night Light 3/19/2012
5. Lessons Learned 3/19/2012
6. Constitution 3/19/2012
7. Rain 3/19/2012
8. Whats The End? 3/19/2012
9. Pages 3/22/2012
10. Mother 3/22/2012
11. Punches 3/22/2012
12. Heart's Desire 3/22/2012
13. Patience 3/27/2012
14. Thief 3/27/2012
15. Blooms 3/29/2012
16. Night 4/12/2012
17. Remember Those Days 4/12/2012
18. Depth 1/24/2016
19. Willow 1/24/2016
20. Words 1/24/2016
21. Full 1/24/2016
22. Moments 1/24/2016
23. Lines 1/24/2016
24. Decisions 3/19/2012
25. Burning Away 3/19/2012
26. Autumn's Arms 3/19/2012
27. Away 3/19/2012
28. My Love 3/20/2012
29. Your Void 3/20/2012
30. Simplicity 3/22/2012
31. Absolute Beauty 3/19/2012

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Best Poem of Dustin Newman

Absolute Beauty

Absolute beauty is,
A day without care.
A night without worry.
A friend without contempt.
A word without a hidden meaning.
A decision without guilt.
Absolute beauty is,
A life that flows down deep.
One that forces you to contemplate and realize
What you are given to work with.
To make the best of each and all situations.
A life that makes you think about how far you have come,
And where you will go.
A life that brings attention to the heart beating beneath your chest.
For it's this heart that brings joy to others.
Absolute beauty is you.

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Life's Labyrinth

A lifetime I can watch. Your beauty that captivates.
Our lives are a labyrinth. For which time doesnt stop.
Second by second, which way do I turn?
Confusion mounts as I hear you call my name.
Urgency clouds my judgement and wrong turns I make.
How do I discern such clues. Ones that are destined to lead me astray.
Each corner brings excitement yet apprehension.
I cant stop running. You are the need.
You bring joy and pain. Happiness and sorrow.

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