Dwayne Banks

Biography of Dwayne Banks

Many things have happened with me over the forty three years I have been alive. I have been loved, and loved myself...at times. I have been mad, mean, bad, good, nice, friendly, lonely, obtrusive, elusive, among others...many others. I will say, being shot in the head and living to talk about it, is very, very disturbing. I say disturbing because it is painful, archaic, meaningful, thoughtful and thoughtless. The police officer that shot me has been forgiven...though he has his demons everyday. I have written over 500 poems...subjects vary.

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Lifes' Shelf

In this world we call life never forget
the blessings your given, or you will regret
Regret that you never helped someone in need
is what you possess, a subserviant greed?
Why must you think of only yourself?
The Lords' head is shaking, your on a shelf
The timbers are worn, metal decayed
do you regret? that you never prayed
Never said a prayer for a person in need

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