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Many things have happened with me over the forty three years I have been alive. I have been loved, and loved myself...at times. I have been mad, mean, bad, good, nice, friendly, lonely, obtrusive, elusive, among others...many others. I will say, being shot in the head and living to talk about it, is very, very disturbing. I say disturbing because it is painful, archaic, meaningful, thoughtful and thoughtless. The police officer that shot me has been forgiven...though he has his demons everyday. I have written over 500 poems...subjects vary.

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Is There A Right Side?

The day started cold on this Thanksgiving day
people helping people, foundations they lay
The foundation I speak of is the Lords' awesome glory
it's been written and told, The Biblical Story
Generations ago, living was hard
and yes back then, there was the Race card
People chose sides, turned backs on another
whatever happened? are'nt we all brothers?
Times have changed, though things stay the same

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