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41. Not The Simple Life 4/26/2012
42. No Big 4/26/2012
43. Think Loud 4/30/2012
44. Dust Filled Mirror 3/6/2012
45. Life Has A Voice 5/1/2012
46. Matthew Tyner 1/6/2013
47. Do You Have Gods' Heart? 3/6/2012
48. Dusk To Dawn 3/20/2012
49. Stop And Think 4/30/2012
50. Always Think Of Heaven 4/26/2012
51. (un) Screw 4/9/2012
Best Poem of Dwayne Banks

(un) Screw

When your soul is surrounded take a deep breath
don't let your feelings lower to a depth
A depth of misunderstanding, also despair
take that deep breath, show that you care
Care for yourself, the good you can do
a bottle cap is not, the thing you need to screw
Screw your head on, put your pants on tight
cause the road ahead, will cause you to fight
Fight for your being, the way you know best
forget the stupidity, the unlawful caress
The caress of the wrongs you have done in your life
a step ahead in time will earn you the knife
The knife to cut away the ...

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Do You Have Gods' Heart?

Why do some people think only of themselves?
subserviant greed, they have their own shelves
Shelves they think they will fill in time
always drawing the proverbial line
The line that I speak of is in the sand
never forthcoming is the helping hand
The Lord gave all a heart and soul
will you ever fill a young kids' bowl?
Will it stay empty because you walked by

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