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Water Drop On The Window Pane

The water drop trickles,
Runs down the window pane,
Slides across the surface,
As I hear the driving rain.
The beauty of the water,
Is that it hides my tears,
It cleanses my body,
Drowns out all my fears.
The curse of the water,
Is that it flows straight through.
It's form is ever changing,
Unlike my love for you.
Another droplet falls,
It streaks across the window,
And fades right out of sight.
Into the darkness,
Consumed by the night.

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The Singer He Loved

Stagelights set in across her face,
As the audience hushes and she takes her place.
Before the crowd of but a few;
Her smile lights up the stage more then any shadow could dim.
And he stands in the crowd wishing she sung that song just to him.
Like she did long ago on a city bus home.
But shes seen the world now, she's came and conquered Rome.
But the mind drifts back to that dry dusty road,

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