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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 November 2020

Dylan Thomas whose rank is #31 on top 500 poets today on 20 November 2020, was an amazing and mystical poet of philosophy and perception. He has judged life from inner deepness and understood birth and death well. We love to read his poems. He lives in hearts of many even today.

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Ace Jay 18 December 2019

Such a shame this man is only #27 on the list. Much better than some of the others.

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Ashdjha Hdghadsh 27 October 2019

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Michael Walker 16 August 2019

Dylan Thomas writes so well about many subjects, none more so than childhood and death. No wonder Bob Dylan found his stage name in the Welsh poet.

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This is Good Pooetry 30 April 2019

" Do not go gentle into this good night" is an amazing work of art. I love it so much

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Naheed khan 15 February 2019

All the poems are good.and we learn more and more

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Anne of green gables 28 November 2018

All the poems that are good don't make senes but the bad ones make senes.

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Allana 05 November 2018

All of his poems can have many different meanings, and it is cool to think that everyone could have a different perspective on what his poems are like.

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sadaf 27 October 2018

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Adeel 06 October 2018

I am a young man and this poem makes me think differently of the future

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fluffy animations: 3 (YT) 12 September 2018

I really love Dylan Thomas's poems and am currently doing a project on him!

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Tim kozak 28 August 2018

I have been looking and reading this poem for a number of years. I am now 74 and am aware of mortality. We are probably the only species that are aware of our own demise. At least for me it is a difficult realization to absorb. Dylan’s poem seem to me to express the frustration of that reality. We behave, love go through life as if its forever. So it ain’t.

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Dylan Thomas 06 May 2018

FUNNY..I make poems to.

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Michael Cooper 15 April 2018

A poetic wonder who passed away too young.

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Vivi Kahei 08 April 2018

yo screw this poem i had to spend 2 months reviewing it for a class i didn't even want to take

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Joy umaru 19 February 2018

Add a commen my hear is smilin

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psssionata 10 January 2018

inspiring. how does one gain such delicate yet cutting edge use of words in one lifetime.

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tanu yadav ???? 03 January 2018

Amazing yr......??????

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