Ebi Robert

Rookie - 127 Points [THE LORD OF INK] (6 feb 1990 / PORT HARCOURT (Niger Delta))

Biography of Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert poet

Ebi Robert, (aka: The Lord of Ink) was born February 6,1990. He hails from Egweama (paternal) and Obiata in Nembe (maternal) , in Bayelsa state of Nigeria. He is a playwright, poet, essayist and advocate. He writes both legal and literal articles. He has written many poems too, some of which have been published in both national and international anthologies and magazines.

Ebi Robert's Works:


1) Love, a four letter word, (USA- Creative Talents Unleashed- 2014) edited by Raja William.
2) “Emanation, Foray into Forever, ” (USA- International Authors) edited by Prof Carter Kaplan, et al.
3) “Epistles of Lies, ” (Nigeria) edited by Adebayo Agarau Adeyemi.
4) “Tribute to Mandela, ” (India) edited by Prof Mitiu Olawuyi et al.
5) Randomly Accessed Poetics (USA- Pen Head Press – 2014) edited by Sarah Gawricki et al
6) Epitaph (USA) edited by Kriti Sengpta and Williams Peters.
7) Emanation,2+2 equals 5 (USA—International Authors) edited by Prof Cater Kaplan et al.
8) Muse for World peace 1 (India) edited by Prof Mitiu Olawuyi (JUNGLE POET)
9) Muse for World peace 2 (India) edited by Prof Mitiu Olawuyi (JUNGLE POET)

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Nembe Sea

You Nembe sea
Who refuse to climb the sea mat.
Do you know the ocean is wide?
and smiles with that living plants
A plant that smiles with snakes,
and fellow males.
Likes a water -grass it stayed
Through the year, it taught an aged grey

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